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Want to Know Something that Should be Never Ending?

personal development Jan 29, 2021

Whenever we learn something new, complete a course, get a degree or certification, we feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. We feel like we’ve emerged as the “next level, better version” of ourselves and that’s truly a wonderful feeling right?

BUT, you know one thing that we should NEVER graduate from? It’s 💫 SELF DEVELOPMENT. 💫

Excelling in life is usually geared towards academic, financial, business success. But personal development and self-improvement are equally important in our lives, to our happiness, overall fulfillment, and our ability to positively impact those around us. This should start by discovering who we are, who we want to be, and then creating that version of yourself. **Think about how we spend time getting to know other people, we really should do the same for ourselves!

The journey of self-growth, by the truth of what it is, is never-ending. It’s something that continues to evolve with us as we grow...

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My 2 Tips for People Who Don't Do Video Yet

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

During my interview with Jo Dodds in her @powertolivemore podcast, she asked me my TIPS to people who don’t do video yet. We’ve gotta start somewhere right? So if you haven’t started yet or if you’re feeling stuck, read on...

1  Start by practicing PRIVATE VLOGGING. Pull up your phone and just in selfie mode, record yourself . Think of at least a couple of questions you’d like to ask yourself. Then speak out the answer to those 2 questions. The best way to start is by asking “why do you do what you do?” because this will get you talking about what you're passionate about and why. 

👉  What you want is to start practicing pulling out those different passions and the way you talk about things when you’re really excited about them. 

2  I always tell my clients to “watch your tone” or TONALITY PRACTICE as I call it. Watch back your recording and try to also FEEL...

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Beautiful Disconnection

personal development Jan 29, 2021

A lot of entrepreneurs talk about one of their top goals as having a life you don’t need to take a vacation from. I love that, I get that and I do agree, but let’s dig into this. I also believe that it is imperative to still create  SPACE,  INTENTIONAL DISCONNECTION, and  BREAKS from the pattern. I believe that we should still have time for solace, quiet, rejuvenation that involve not working at all AND be able to go on working trips because you can work from anywhere.

Being in a toxic 8-10 hour /day job that drains you and exhausts you😣, makes you despise it😖, resent it😫 and you feel like you're poisoning yourself every...single...day😵. This was the feeling that I felt for years in my previous jobs and I always felt like I needed a vacation to ESCAPE from my regular life. 

☝ BUT this escape is so much different from peaceful times of reflection and rejuvenation. During our Mexico trip last Dec., I didn’t want to...

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Happy New Year!!🎆🎉🍾

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

Happy New Year!! 🎆  🎉 🍾 

Let us welcome the 2021 with these AFFIRMATIONS!! 🙌

🗣 Say it with me!!


My VISION is for me and it is WORTH IT!!

Great things WILL happen. I will MAKE it happen!!

I will be BETTER in making a VIDEO (super important)!!

I will live my most AUTHENTIC and BEST life!!

Let’s make 2021 AMAZING no matter what!! 🌟 😊 🙏

Remember that we are the CO-CREATOR in our lives and we are the LEAD in this story. So follow thatDREAM, theDESIRE, theCURIOSITY and the EXCITEMENT that something brings us and see the life we want begin to unfold before us.

AND be DILIGENT in our actions toward our 💫 VISION so that we may be ready to receive it when it shows up.

Cheers to a whole new year of opportunity, self-discovery and personal growth!



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The Process of Closing the Loop on 2020

personal development Jan 22, 2021

Year 2020...what a whirlwind it has been right?😅 A lot of challenges may have come our way, along with a lot of growth, realizations and changes have made an impact in our life as well! Have you reflected and acknowledged EVERYTHING that has happened to you this year - like the big stuff, the little things and the lessons learned? In a few days, 2020 is about to end and it is important for us to close the loop on the things that we’ve had going on this year to start a fresh page for 2021!

I want to share with you 2 simple ways on how we can do that...

TAKE at least 5-10 mins. to play some music, take a deep breath, and with your hand on your heart, reflect on the WINS that you felt this year. Write them down.

Have you finally launched your business?

Have you grown your social media following?

Have you grown your email list?

Have you been consistent in posting online?

Have you made your 1st video? -super important!👌👌👌 

If you have, then acknowledge and celebrate...

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Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Goals for 2021

personal development Jan 22, 2021

Every year, no matter what, we don’t know how it is going to unfold. But what we do know is that we have that control of how we react and respond to things that come our way. And what we want to do is set ourselves up for our most desired outcome, the best that we can so we can be more nimble and mobile and adjust and pivot when things surprise us and show up in a way that we did not expect. 💪

As we move into the next level of growth, we need to decide what that “next step” is for us. 🤔

👉  Here are some questions that can help you evaluate your goals for 2021.

1  What am I tolerating in my life right now that’s not serving the life I actually want to be living?

-If you are doing something that’s not in line with your vision, you have the power to change that. Sometimes, we don’t really know the outcome of something until we’re in it, we try it and we take action on it. So let’s allow this space for us to find out....

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Life is Special Simply Because We Get to Live It

personal development Jan 22, 2021

I used to do some event planning work in Denver and would normally be elbow deep in throwing a huge NYE party right now - and wow I can tell you that I don’t miss that stress. It honestly was not my jam and I much prefer being a guest

This year, with almost everything closed in Colorado...and I’m sure in a lot of places as well, the New Year festivities may look and feel a lot different. BUT, we can still make it SPECIAL.

LIFE is special simply because we get to live it. Our experiences with our family and friends are precious because we get to be a WITNESS to each other, which makes it profoundly meaningful.

These are the moments that we need to be present for and fill our memories with regardless. Even if it’s smaller, weird, new, different, virtual - whatever. I’m grateful that I get to be here to see it.

This year may not have turned out how we wanted it to or how we planned it, but still there’s so much to be grateful for. So let’s take...
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What Makes a Good Video?

video coaching Jan 22, 2021

VIDEO only works if it’s actually good.This is the absolute TRUTH .

BUT, good doesn’t mean fancy...it means COMPELLING, POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL! This impact should matter a lot to you because you are a driven entrepreneur who is using the internet to get new clients and build your audience. AND since VIDEO is the number one way of doing that, it’s the fastest way to reach more people and convert them into fans and buyers but on a deeper, energetic level to make a REAL human to human connection right away.

SO if you have a message that you truly believe and care about, then you want to be using video and you want to be doing it well. If you hate doing it, do you think you will be consistent? Is it going to be any good? Because REMEMBER that compelling and powerful is what makes it have IMPACT and makes it have the effect YOU want it to have.

BUT first and foremost, you have to learn how to actually look, sound and feel great on camera that’s true to your...

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Create that Connection

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2021

In our business, it is absolutely IMPORTANT to create a CONNECTION with our IDEAL AUDIENCE.

It's not about fancy editing, graphics, being hyper polished etc. It's about being YOU.

If I'm being my real self, I'm probably in minimal make-up and a messy bun on social media

If I'm talking to my ideal, soulmate client, I'm not going to have the delivery of an infomercial

If I'm attracting new dream people, I want my authentic energy to be felt immediately

If I'm sharing an opportunity to work together, I'm going to speak with certainty because I believe in the solutions I offer

If you’ve ever felt terrified to be seen on video? like super awkward - You're not alone, we've pretty much all been there. BREAK those video jitters and be ready to learn how to SHOW UP like it's no big deal, but in a COMPELLING way that creates a magnetic connection with your ideal audience and converts by enrolling in my...


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What is your Core Message?

personal development Jan 22, 2021

I would like to ask you a question. What’s that CORE MESSAGE that comes to mind for you that helped shaped why you’ve created your business?

Often when leaders in our industry are asking their clients to identify what their core message is, it’s referencing their VALUES and what really inspired them for their business to come to life. That can seem to be a big and daunting question right?

So think about it like this, if you had a giant speaker phone 📢 that could talk to the whole world🌍  and you only had it for one minute, what is that one thing that you would want to share out loud to everybody that you could get to listen and potentially draw in a bunch of your dream clients that would resonate with what you say?

Here’s mine... Our STORY is really what’s helped SHAPED who we are and what we offer. The obstacles and challenges that we’ve worked through are what have made our business come...

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