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I'm self conscious about this, but I showed up on camera anyway


So you may or not have seen this yet, but I shared it on the gram.. 

I have a bit of a lisp now. I'm hoping that my mouth will fully adapt and I'll be able to speak without an impediment - ESPECIALLY as a video coach and actress... but I'm determined to show up regardless. 

I've been dealing with some pretty extreme TMJ-D symptoms and pain for a few years now and it's become quite unbearable. I'm planning on making a video sharing my symptoms, the treatment plan, how it progresses etc., is that something you'd like to see?

And honestly, I thought I would be in surgery at this time and be prepping for 3-4 months with my mouth wired shut, eating only liquids through a straw and not being able to speak for months (I was SUPER stressed about this idea for so many reasons) because that was the only solution presented to me, for years. 

But, by some miracle, I found out about this rather unknown facial appliance movement treatment that takes almost two years to complete but it is non-surgical, and is shown to actually be more effective and permanent than surgey. So I said yes, let's do it!

This means I will have lots of facial soreness over the two years as the appliance moves my bones and some speech impairment due to the extra equipment in my mouth. 

There might be a few days or weeks when I won't be able to talk much, but unless that's happening, I'm going to keep showing up. 

An important reminder I had today, is that The conviction of my VOICE is not diminished by the impediment of my speech. 

Check out this quick live video I did for some details and to see if you want to join me in going "live" on IG a few days a week! Also, as you can see, I'm keeping this self-imposed structure of the "challenge (no opt-in, just a self-check-in accountability with you and a little bit with me) very loose and flexible. 

I don't want to commit myself to something that seems so difficult that I would give up before it really even starts, but I want some framework that makes it trackable and easy to check off my list. Like, "did I go live at least 3 times this week?" yes, okay perfect I did it! Rather than saying I must go live every single day without fail for 90 days. BLEH. That's unlikely to happen. 

But it's been a while since I've done something like this and I want to show up in a bigger way and serve, offer value, training, tips, vulnerable shares and thoughts that I think could be helpful to others. So, I'll be showing up live on IG a few times a week, for the next several weeks :) Please come say hi! And/or join me! 

xo, Kellsie



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