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On-Camera Training for Driven Entrepreneurs

Video presence training to get better on-camera! Get confident on-camera to create effective, authentic videos for your social media business content creation. 

The entrepreneurial lessons I've learned, with tangible tips and tricks for you!

Expert Author STORY Kellsie Moore


"Kellsie Moore is the top Video Performance Coach and Media Trainer for high-achieving Entrepreneurs to become their best selves on camera! Her unique, insightful expertise comes from her work as a professional actress and personal development background after leaving her career in corrections. As a sought-after Speaker, Founder, and Digital CEO, she empowers personal brands to optimize their on-screen presence with authenticity, excellence, confidence, and charisma."


I remember thinking “This is really stupid. Why am I doing this with my life?" I was reaching for the scissors in my desk drawer, just in case, as my enraged client, recently released after 25 years of prison for murder, was storming at me, blocking the only exit. It was 2014 and I was working as a Case Manager in an adult male correctional facility in this old broken down, used to be tuberculosis hospital building around 9 PM as rain leaked into my...

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If you really want to change your business and your life in the next 6 months

again and again and again...

I’ll be going LIVE on June 28th for a 100% FREE series called
Entrepreneur Camera Confidence: 
Conquer Camera Phobia to Maximize Your Audience Reach! 

… and I’m so excited!
Imagine…how would your life transform if you finally had the confidence and skills to deliver your message to more people?

You’ll walk away from this series knowing exactly how to:

  • Overcome the greatest insecurities and fears to getting in front of a camera.
  • Take back control over your life and stand in your personal power once and for all!
  • Make more money & influence more people just by being who you are!
  • Learn how to take great pictures and videos every single time.
  • Get tips on how to manage your mind and accelerate your progress towards your business & personal goals!

…and so, so much more 

But to make a breakthrough with camera-phobia you have to make a choice right...

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Someone told me a lovingly stern and helpful reminder

Something brilliant that my business coach, @jameswedmore said in our live interview the other week (you can watch the full igtv on my profile) was “Success is doing what you said you were going to do."

It’s self-integrity. And if what you said you were going to do is also what you wanted to do, then that’s not just success, it's also fulfilling.
Check in with yourself about this, how is your self-integrity going right now? It can be really challenging to have that level of follow-through and commitment.

Usually, when I notice that I can't seem to finish the things I set out to, it's because I put too much on my list. I didn't schedule things out or prioritize accurately, especially if something on that list is particularly expanding or difficult for me and I need to account for the excess energy that will require.

Get better at this by - having grace with yourself and learn your cues: a stern when you need to rest, refuel, and know what your KPI's are to see if...

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The two things you need to be doing to *ACTUALLY* grow your business

Did you know that I was able to…

grow my business

get my course out there


become a guest speaker

be on podcasts…


#1 - The credibility my CONSISTENT content (especially video) online gave me. I demonstrated myself as a speaker, an expert, experienced and passionate. 🎤

#2 - The CONNECTIONS I made from attending live multi-day events, both virtual and in person. From showing up and building relationships.

Live events (pre-COVID) CHANGED the game for me in big ways, for my business growth, paradigm shifts, meeting incredible new clients and making genuine friendships. The 👥  PEOPLE, conversations and interactions are really WHY you go to events.


>>That’s how you meet people.

>>That’s how you get collaborations.

>>That’s how you get hired.

>>That’s how you build these friendship groups.


👉 Attend (virtual or...

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My Non-surgical TMJ-D Journey! Part 1 Sharing my story, symptoms and treatment

I want to share this message with you because as a speaker, having a new speech impediment is creating an opportunity to grow through insecurity again and I've already been receiving so many thoughtful messages about how this has impacted you. THANK YOU!! I'm so glad that it has been helpful to be transparent about this journey!

This might shock you, as it did me, but there is an ALTERNATIVE to orthognathic surgery for severe TMJ disorder and pain. I'm not a doctor, none of this is medical advice, this is simply me sharing my journey.

This is Phase 1, I will update the progress as we go! My Doctor is S. Kent Lauson from his book "Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth" Check it out here if you would like, I found it SUPER helpful to see the full treatment process: https://amzn.to/33NZwnP


// GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA WITH VIDEO My free workshop on "How to Become a Natural On-Camera, even if you hate doing Video" : https://www.kellsiemoore.com/a/45841/kCxhvATE

--- If...

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Here's a RECAP of the POWERFUL Round Table, it was AMAZING!!

 “Gaining Confidence to Collaborate” Collaboration Round Table - I left feeling infinitely more confident than I have in quite some time and I hope you did too. 


If you weren't able to catch it live, here's a recap of what we covered: 


✨ When you're feeling unqualified to call yourself a ___ (speaker, expert, etc.) remember Kellsie's wise words - “You are because you do.” 


✨ If you find yourself looking around the room and thinking, “how the hell did I end up here?” Toni said to remember that you were invited, and you belong there! She also recommends having a Hype Tunes Playlist to crank if you're feeling the nerves set in before a big event/meeting/talk.


✨ Amanda told us that she's come to realize that when she's scared, that's a good sign that she's moving in the right direction. She now looks for opportunities that scare the crap out of her.

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I'm self conscious about this, but I showed up on camera anyway

So you may or not have seen this yet, but I shared it on the gram.. 

I have a lisp now. I'm hoping that my mouth will fully adapt and I'll be able to speak without an impediment - ESPECIALLY as a video coach and actress... but I'm determined to show up regardless. 

I've been dealing with some pretty extreme TMJ-D symptoms and pain for a few years now and it's become quite unbearable. I'm planning on making a video sharing my symptoms, the treatment plan, how it progresses etc., is that something you'd like to see?

And honestly, I thought I would be in surgery at this time and be prepping for 3-4 months with my mouth wired shut, eating only liquids through a straw and not being able to speak for months (I was SUPER stressed about this idea for so many reasons) because that was the only solution presented to me, for years. 

But, by some miracle, I found out about this rather unknown facial appliance movement treatment that takes almost two years to complete but it is...

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Legitimately the BEST Green Juice EVERR!!

personal development Apr 15, 2021


If it doesn't taste good, there's no way I'll stick to taking it. It's a darn good thing these are the BEST, yummiest superfood drinks I've ever had, and I've had a lot. Like every green powder in the natural food store aisles, health detox green juices from 4 different network marketing companies, my own homemade concoctions and all the random supplements my mom shares with me. In my opinion - this is the absolute best, I love it!!! I show you four flavors in this video and there's even more on the site, find the one you love here! https://glnk.io/y7z/kellsie

USE DISCOUNT CODE: kellsie for 15% off at https://glnk.io/y7z/kellsie 


// Ever struggle with how to get started doing video for your business?
Grab the MAGICAL "Be Camera Confident Bootcamp" Bundle for just $37 to magnetize your presence, feel confident, get your tech toolkit, social media clarity, learn stories/reels, what to say and more, right here! 

>>>>> ...

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Ever Felt Imposter Syndrome? I sure have


Confidence (or lack thereof) is one of those sneaky things that go hand-in-hand with IMPOSTER SYNDROME 🙇‍, a concept so many of us are unfortunately all too familiar with.

Not only does a lack of confidence hold us back from going after opportunities we'd be a great fit for, it convinces us that we need to keep playing small until we're “ready” enough.

On April 19th, join me and other 🙌  AMAZING, 🙌  CONFIDENT and 🙌  KICK-A women brought together by @baileyhancock in conversation about how to GAIN the confidence to be bold, reach out, and just do it already at the

👉  April Collaboration Round Table!👈

🗣 We will chat about:

  • Using Imposter Syndrome to your advantage
  • Identifying + communicating the value you bring
  • Finding the courage to be bold and just do the damn thing
  • Showing up and shining when given the spotlight

I promise that this event will have sooo much insight...

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Life is Like Dancing!💃

personal development Mar 15, 2021

I'd like to share with you a #funfact. My mom is a professional ballroom dancer, so I’ve learned to dance since I was a little kid! We would waltz, swing, and salsa dance all across the kitchen floor.   I also took classes and mostly did jazz, kickline and hip hop in the studio, but danced all forms of ballroom on the weekends. AND I was actually a salsa dancing and  first wedding dance instructor for a while. 

Life is kind of like dancing! 

💃 The way we dance can MOVE people.

🎵When we dance with passion, we INFLUENCE others to move along with our beat. 

👉  In life, when we share something with great ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY, that energy spills over, affects and impacts others (esp. our ideal client) AND they will be inspired to move as well. 

💃 Everybody dances uniquely.

🎵There are SO many types and styles of dance, be you! 

👉 Don’t let that fear of judgement, of what ‘others’ might think stop us from...

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