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How to start your videos! You're going to want to save this one.

Uncategorized May 15, 2021

People buy from those that they know, like & trust.⁠

How do you build know, like and trust?⁠

YOUR CONTENT- especially video content like lives, IGTV and stories.⁠

Video demonstrates your authority and creates a connection with your audience on many levels. ⁠

So, you getting better at video, could be the very reason that your business finally grows.⁠

I know I've seen this in my own business time and time again.⁠

TWO quick tips!

1- Start with the hook/the trailer/the lead. Address the most important lesson or anecdote FIRST, or at least tease it through a few words and supporting text on the screen so that people know what you're going to be talking about and can decide if they care or not. Do it RIGHT AWAY in the beginning so the max amount of people see it. Please do NOT start with "Hi, I'm Kellsie and hopping on here real quick to share some new things and I really hope you're having a great day and had a fun weekend..." BLAH.⁠

Some HOOK examples to start with:

How would you like..
Have you ever..
Would you rather __(a)__ or ___(b)___
Is it even ... ?
This video is for..
This tool is helpful..
Here are some tips to help you
Here's a video that will
Want to know how to
Want _ ways to do
How to go from __ to __
Need help improving
__ # steps to help you
Want a trick to 
If you are
If you want to
You're going to love this
I'm here to show you
You can learn
This might shock you

And then...

2- SHARE THE MEAT. People have about an 8-second attention span 🤓 so keep the tangents to a minimum when you have something important your people need to hear; this is particularly key for paradigm-shifting content. If you're doing a "teaching" style video though, where you want them to remember key points or a "how-to," then stories are incredibly helpful for illustrating the point and making it memorable.⁠
If you're creating an inspiring video, then the stories ARE the content, but get to it quickly! ⁠

Stay tuned for the next two actionable tips coming soon! 

YES @bossbabe.inc ! Give from the overflow. If you're consistently pouring into your cup, then you can become an endless well to give from. And if you get depleted, just remember that the cup is always refillable!⁠

xo, Lady Kellsie


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