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Video presence training to get better on-camera! Get confident on-camera to create effective, authentic videos for your social media business content creation. 

What does being "Authentic On-Camera" actually mean? What if I *feel* scared?


You'll hear me talk a lot about being "authentic on- camera." So I want to share with you what that really means.

Public speaking can be absolutely terrifying or absolutely exhilarating. And speaking into a lens is now the most common form of public speaking. Most people won't be feeling like their best, most confident selves before getting in front of the camera, or getting on a stage. So, it begs the question, how to show up "authentically" as the real you, even if you're feeling scared, but in a way that can still inspire, inform and entertain your audience?
I actually wanted to use the stage example for a moment because I was just having a conversation with a really amazing, phenomenal stage speaker. She's well known and has traveled to speak on several famous stages in front of thousands of people. And she was saying, well, I don't want to show up as my authentic self at that moment because it would be just the scared shitless person who's feeling...
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Why "Just Practice" is the worst advice for getting on video


Why "Just Practice" is the worst advice for getting on video 

Second to being in person, video is the most potent version of connection and communication that we have with one another. Especially when we're building those new relationships, growing our audience and we're really getting our personal brand out there in front of new people that haven't met us before.
They don't know us personally. We didn't get the chance to meet them at an event or work with them one-on-one, at least not yet. So we're creating that initial introduction in the most impactful way possible, which is through this energetic connection that happens through the lens.
Think of when you've watched a movie or a TV show, that's impacted you in a real way.
That made you laugh. That made you cry. That made you feel like you know them or you see yourself in them, in their character, in their performance, or the times when you've watched them and been like, "Oh, that was...
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Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching - I Do It Differently


There are Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching in Business

There are usually two approaches to video coaching in the entrepreneurial space. And I do it differently than either of those.
1) They're usually coming from this background of being a spokesperson or a host, which is excellent. IF you are being a spokesperson or host for someone else's company; this is really similar to when I do an industrial or a commercial for someone else's brand. They hire me, as an outsider, as an actress, to represent them and their message. 
But if you're building your OWN personal brand, your own social media, your media training and interviews for you for your company, your product, your service, your solution, then YOU are at the forefront of the brand. You are the talent. You are the on-camera, on-screen persona that has to show up in a way that owns your story.
Owns the authenticity of the message versus showing up and being able to present enthusiasm for...
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