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3 Tips to the Easiest Marketing Plan...Ever!!

Want to know 3 tips to the EASIEST marketing plan...ever? Then scroll

STEP 1 : BE CONFIDENT πŸ™Œ ! Your energy is huge and is the most important part of being able to attract and convert dreamy new clients.

STEP 2: PLAN OUT your video content and pair it with a SIMPLE script, without sounding like a robot.πŸ—£

STEP 3: Use IG REELS + STORIES πŸ“².  They rank higher organically and make a massive positive impact on audience reach and growth.

πŸ“Œ With my  BE CAMERA CONFIDENT BOOTCAMP , you will be provided with all of the guidance, tools and resources to experience and implement the easiest marketing plan to pack your pipeline with dream clients.

Click HERE to see what my clients have to say AND click on the image below to grab a spot for just $37! Because it’s TIME to take action!πŸ‘Š

It takes a lot of courage and practice to be at ease on video because...

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Learn to Back Yourself!

One of the biggest lies I’ve had to work to overcome is the belief that our income is a direct reflection of our effort. That the hard work and the value of what I put in are what will determine the financial outcome. πŸ’Έ

I know that SOUNDS logical, but in reality - there are TONS of super hard workers and people putting immense value into the world that are still broke. ‍

It’s when we learn to βœ¨Value our Value βœ¨ that the world can value us back.

Learn to walk away from: 

☝Those self-limiting beliefs

☝ The doubts that hold you back from experiencing your potential

☝ The excuses and cynicism that hold you back

☝Listening to people that don’t get what you’re doing 

☝Taking advice from those that don’t have the outcome YOU actually want


πŸ‘‰ VISUALIZE your dream and always choose to take the step toward it.

πŸ‘‰ Think of your WHY and take action from there.

πŸ‘‰ Always BELIEVE in yourself and what...

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Super Helpful Tips Before and During Video Recording

by @erika.arlee

We humans are wired for social interaction for survival. And during this pandemic, that in-person, social need has hit a lot of obstacles, so the next best thing we have at our fingertips, is using video. 

πŸ“± How do you feel when you facetime vs a regular phone call?

πŸ“³ How does a DM voice note feel vs a text?


πŸ“² How does a VIDEO DM feel?

The difference in connection is MASSIVEβ€Ό

As business owners, we’ve started using a lot more video, because it’s the most impactful way to communicate with our clients. 

AND I know that for most people, it feels super awkward to talk into a glass and metal box with your authentic energy and emotions. 

☝ So here are some QUICK TIPS:

1 - When you’re in front of the lens, approach it as if you’re simply sharing something you are SUPER passionate about, rather than “teaching.”  

2 - Tell stories about yourself as it relates to your work, because when your audience knows...

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Did You Celebrate?

personal development Feb 19, 2021

WOOO, tomorrow is FRI-YAY! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

JK I love all the days πŸ€—

Honestly, Mondays are probably my favorite because it feels like such a fresh start each week! But I've also recently started to take intentional rest time on weekends to unplug and it has been flipping awesome!

BUT before we jump into the weekend feels and plans…

have you crossed things off from your checklist? 

πŸ“ƒ have you done a recap of your week? 

πŸ™Œwhat are you proud of, that moved you forward and towards your goal?

πŸŽ‰ what is your celebration? 

We need to celebrate even our SMALLEST accomplishments to close the mental loop in our brain to know we achieved something, otherwise we can get trapped in the loop of never feeling like we did enough. We can train ourselves to feel like we’re always working and trying to grow but we’re not there yet... and get stuck in the loop, of never “good enough.” πŸ™

So we MUST celebrate these small wins...

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Your Vision

personal development Feb 12, 2021

What's the VISION you have for your true, desired life? And your business?

Write. It. Down.

πŸ’­ A vision is a picture of what and where you want your life to be.

☝BUT vision & ideas without action are just mere thoughts.

Having a vision and being able to step into that visionary leadership role, that's how we will be able to keep championing ourselves.

Knowledge is power BUT action on the knowledge is where the power truly comes from.

If knowledge gives us the concept of the steps that we need to take, then we need to have the courage to walk towards our vision and our goals.

πŸ‘‰SO when you feel stuck,


πŸ‘‰When you feel that it's hard,


and this will pull you and your energy back into achieving your goal.



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Something that Can Guide You When Filming a Video

video coaching Feb 12, 2021

You may sometimes stand in front of your camera and feel that you're 100% ready and that you know everything you're about to say. Then when you hit record, you suddenly forget everything. ‍

Here's something that you can use when filming a video.


Having the right notes can guide and help you make an impactful video.

AND here's what you should write on those sticky little helpers:

Your top 3 points

>> why are you making this video?

>> know the point of the conversation 

>> info that you don’t innately know (like stats, numbers)


Your ideal client's name at the top of the sticky note to keep them front of mind

>> when you remember who you're talking to and who you’re delivering your message to and the value in the conversation with that person, it will be 10x easier for you to show up.

>>  you will have the right kind of energy that will help you connect on a more powerful level if you know that...

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Your are a Fighter and You are Stronger than You Know!

personal development Feb 12, 2021

My sister and I joined Krav Maga in high school and started this Israeli self-defense, really because she worked at the movie theater next door and we wanted something to do between watching movies. 

It might sound familiar because Krav Maga is the training that Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, did during her time in the military. Action movies have been a huge part of our lives growing up and we absolutely loved them! So we completely enjoyed the training and kept going for years, also, we were the only girls in the class. πŸ‘­ I think all girls should take this training! 

This training experience sparked that love for being able to EXPRESS the fun and experience of watching an action movie in real life and getting to actually DO those moves. It made us feel strong, safe, empowered and like we can handle things that came at us and it really helped BUILD my level of inner belief, knowing and fortitude which are all πŸ‘† CRITICAL...

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personal development Feb 12, 2021


Such a big and scary word that we usually have a negative connotation with it, but fear is really just a survival mechanism our bodies have to keep us alive. It’s a natural emotion that will always be there, especially when we are about to do something outside of our comfort zone.

We can use this fear to our benefit, not just to keep us alive but to help us expand, as something that can guide us in our decisions, by showing us the potential dangers that we can come across.  

When we see it as a friend and even a guide, we can plan, prepare AND recognize it as alerting us that we may be growing, changing, expanding, and then choose to move towards it, move through the fear

Because what really matters most, is HOW we react and deal with it. 

Fear can be a great passenger seat buddy and let it alert us to potential threats and harms. BUT if we let it tell ourselves “No, I can’t do...

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You're In Control of 90% of Your Life

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

If you've been following along on Instagram or heard some of the podcasts I've done, you might be familiar with my story of working in a correctional facility...

I felt like I was trapped in a box, confined, so uncomfortable, and consumed with negativity and unhappiness. I felt suffocated and like I was living out a nightmare of being imprisoned myself, by letting life just happen to me, doing what I thought I "should" do. I wasn't consciously choosing what next steps to take in order to change my situation, I just went with the flow of what was there in front of me.

Once this became so completely unbearable, is when I decided to take the reins and begin DESIGNING that life that I actually wanted for myself, and it was this moment of intense clarity where I came to the realization that I could change my life. It was a profound power that said: “It’s my life and I am in control of it.” 

I had the realization that no one was going to make...

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Your Message is Powerful

Have you ever listened to someone's story and feel totally moved by it?

Watched a movie, heard a Tedtalk, read a social media post that moved you? That made you feel impacted or inspired?

It's such an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone out there that you can relate with, that sensation of knowing that you're not alone.

And yet we so often hesitate to share our own story because we're afraid of the criticism and judgment that we might get from other people.

And to be honest, I've definitely been there myself and still have tons of stuff I haven't publicly shared yet.

BUT instead of holding back from a place of fear, I'm just now consciously choosing this unfolding, in my own time, because I know that what I've been through can help others. 

What you've been through, can HELP others. We get to choose our own timeline and keep things private if we want to, but we didn't go through these experiences in life to just struggle alone. Maybe there's a gift in the...

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