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Dare to be bold? When one woman shines, she lights the way for others.

Uncategorized May 15, 2021

I’ve got an exciting update I couldn’t wait to share with you! It almost always feels awkward sharing my good news because that thought of "why the heck would they care, it's just a 'look at me' thing" pops up and I feel like I should just keep it to myself in secret..

BUT the reality is that when we share exciting wins with others, it shows them what is possible for THEM too. I have been inspired countless times by watching awesome, driven women do cool things and are celebrated for it. 

It also helps reinforce our own self-worth and acknowledge the progress we're making, especially when we feel like things aren't happening as fast or as big as we'd like. Have you ever felt that? 

SO, on that note, a couple of cool things! 

1. I was recognized as a Top 10 Female Entrepreneur to watch in 2021 and my name was in proximity to Oprah's!! 


2. I got to be coached on Lori Harder's "Earn Your Happy" top-rated podcast (that I LOVE) to learn more about growing in my business and next steps to take as a speaker. 

I hope these things can inspire you and that you'll give it a listen/read and join in on the free trainings I share to help you learn, grow and apply what works for you into your own business. 

xo, Lady Kellsie


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