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Video presence training to get better on-camera! Get confident on-camera to create effective, authentic videos for your social media business content creation. 

The entrepreneurial lessons I've learned, with tangible tips and tricks for you!

Expert Author STORY Kellsie Moore


"Kellsie Moore is the top Video Performance Coach and Media Trainer for high-achieving Entrepreneurs to become their best selves on camera! Her unique, insightful expertise comes from her work as a professional actress and personal development background after leaving her career in corrections. As a sought-after Speaker, Founder, and Digital CEO, she empowers personal brands to optimize their on-screen presence with authenticity, excellence, confidence, and charisma."


I remember thinking “This is really stupid. Why am I doing this with my life?" I was reaching for the scissors in my desk drawer, just in case, as my enraged client, recently released after 25 years of prison for murder, was storming at me, blocking the only exit. It was 2014 and I was working as a Case Manager in an adult male correctional facility in this old broken down, used to be tuberculosis hospital building around 9 PM as rain leaked into my...

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My Non-surgical TMJ-D Journey! Part 1 Sharing my story, symptoms and treatment

I want to share this message with you because as a speaker, having a new speech impediment is creating an opportunity to grow through insecurity again and I've already been receiving so many thoughtful messages about how this has impacted you. THANK YOU!! I'm so glad that it has been helpful to be transparent about this journey!

This might shock you, as it did me, but there is an ALTERNATIVE to orthognathic surgery for severe TMJ disorder and pain. I'm not a doctor, none of this is medical advice, this is simply me sharing my journey.

This is Phase 1, I will update the progress as we go! My Doctor is S. Kent Lauson from his book "Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth" Check it out here if you would like, I found it SUPER helpful to see the full treatment process: https://amzn.to/33NZwnP


// GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA WITH VIDEO My free workshop on "How to Become a Natural On-Camera, even if you hate doing Video" : https://www.kellsiemoore.com/a/45841/kCxhvATE

--- If...

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I'm self conscious about this, but I showed up on camera anyway


So you may or not have seen this yet, but I shared it on the gram.. 

I have a bit of a lisp now. I'm hoping that my mouth will fully adapt and I'll be able to speak without an impediment - ESPECIALLY as a video coach and actress... but I'm determined to show up regardless. 

I've been dealing with some pretty extreme TMJ-D symptoms and pain for a few years now and it's become quite unbearable. I'm planning on making a video sharing my symptoms, the treatment plan, how it progresses etc., is that something you'd like to see?

And honestly, I thought I would be in surgery at this time and be prepping for 3-4 months with my mouth wired shut, eating only liquids through a straw and not being able to speak for months (I was SUPER stressed about this idea for so many reasons) because that was the only solution presented to me, for years. 

But, by some miracle, I found out about this rather unknown facial appliance movement treatment that takes...

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Are those "Lady" and "Lord" titles real? What does it mean and which one should I get?

personal life Apr 21, 2021

This is a fun and random review today! But I am happy to say that I am "officially" a Lady. :D 

In this video, I firstly share WHY I decided to get a "Lady" title and then I compare the https://www.lordtitles.co.uk/ and https://www.highlandtitles.com/ versions that I purchased, although there are several more options out there as well that look very fun and similar! You'll find out what they look like, include, if they're "real" and what you can use the title for.

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Are you showing your face on instagram stories everyday? --...

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