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A healthy Fruit Punch?

energy Jun 21, 2021

It's my favorite drink!! It really is the best I'm not exaggerating. The RED tastes like genuine fruit punch and has about a gagillion superfoods in it.
Including rhodiola, siberian ginseng, cordyceps & reishi
mushrooms, beets and more... Organifi Red Juice is an amazing way to pump up my energy levels and lift my spirits!

I drink this or the green or gold and the protein shake nearly every single day. They are HANDS DOWN the absolute best tasting that I have ever tried, and I have tried a ton.

This sale only happens once a YEAR - today and tomorrow, any orders over $100 will get free shipping + 20% OFF using my code "kellsie" at this link (also in my bio!)

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#motivation #healthylifestyle
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#personaldevelopment #mindset #love
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#vision #believeinyourself #health #greenjuice #bestgreenjuice...

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How a hat applies to your business and why it really matters!

Two weeks ago I was at one of my favorite places in the world - The Broadmoor Resort - and a random guy my age, walked by me and said "I really like your hat, it suits you!" with a genuine smile and it totally made my day! I thought that was such an intriguing compliment. This guy doesn't know me, how would he know if it suits me or not. ‍ It's actually a borrowed hat from my mom-in-law.

BUT it totally does suit me!

The hat perfectly matched my vibe, outfit, energy, and environment and that's what energetic-based branding does. People ask me all the time what to wear, how to do their hair or make-up for their videos, what their backdrop should be, etc. And the answer can be frustrating because, yes there are best practices to follow that will help you out, but it all really just comes down to you BEING more of YOU.

Your vibe - your energy sets the tone more than anything else, all the other things stem from that. When you start behaving as the authentic, unapologetic, leader...

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let's make your first (or next) video together!

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  finally be able to "hop on" video and get it DONE

  stop procrastinating and make some MAGIC?

  POWERFULLY share your message and REACH new people in a real way?

  actually feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in front of the lens?

...you will feel happy, proud of yourself and it will be WORTH IT for you and for your business. I promise!

With my NEW webinar, I will help you LEVEL UP   and feel empowered and alive on camera. 

If you’re ready for these benefits, click   HERE and join my FREE webinar on  “SUCCESS IS IN VIDEO” and we will make your FIRST video live!

Want to know how I keep my energy up to do all of this?? My “GO TO” drink when I want to enjoy something yummy and creamy? 

It’s @organifi GOLD (original).   It’s a 9-superfood...

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