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My Non-surgical TMJ-D Journey! Part 1 Sharing my story, symptoms and treatment

I want to share this message with you because as a speaker, having a new speech impediment is creating an opportunity to grow through insecurity again and I've already been receiving so many thoughtful messages about how this has impacted you. THANK YOU!! I'm so glad that it has been helpful to be transparent about this journey!

This might shock you, as it did me, but there is an ALTERNATIVE to orthognathic surgery for severe TMJ disorder and pain. I'm not a doctor, none of this is medical advice, this is simply me sharing my journey.

This is Phase 1, I will update the progress as we go! My Doctor is S. Kent Lauson from his book "Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth" Check it out here if you would like, I found it SUPER helpful to see the full treatment process: https://amzn.to/33NZwnP


// GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA WITH VIDEO My free workshop on "How to Become a Natural On-Camera, even if you hate doing Video" : https://www.kellsiemoore.com/a/45841/kCxhvATE

--- If...

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would you rather have the camera facing you or your doggo?

Your Video CONTENT TIPS Continued...Save this one!

The good news is that you want to show up on camera with your face, AND your doggo!! Or kids/view/office etc. 

1) To grow a business, people need to know what to come to you for, so it's key to stay focused, niche and consistent when posting, so that you can become the go-to company for the thing that you serve, that you sell.

AND, especially in this digital age, people want to buy from real human people, so don't ONLY talk about business...

It's super fun to get to know the person behind the product! Your IG stories are the perfect place to show your behind-the-scenes, personal life, the process of how you do things, your doggo etc.

2) To build relationships with your audience, you'll want engagement! That's likes, saves, comments, shares on your posts, DM's and story interactions. A great way to do this is to ask questions during your videos and tell people to comment their answers!

Ask them their opinions, thoughts, their own...

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Dare to be bold? When one woman shines, she lights the way for others.

Uncategorized May 15, 2021

I’ve got an exciting update I couldn’t wait to share with you! It almost always feels awkward sharing my good news because that thought of "why the heck would they care, it's just a 'look at me' thing" pops up and I feel like I should just keep it to myself in secret..

BUT the reality is that when we share exciting wins with others, it shows them what is possible for THEM too. I have been inspired countless times by watching awesome, driven women do cool things and are celebrated for it. 

It also helps reinforce our own self-worth and acknowledge the progress we're making, especially when we feel like things aren't happening as fast or as big as we'd like. Have you ever felt that? 

SO, on that note, a couple of cool things! 

1. I was recognized as a Top 10 Female Entrepreneur to watch in 2021 and my name was in proximity to Oprah's!! 


2. I got to be coached on Lori...

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How to start your videos! You're going to want to save this one.

Uncategorized May 15, 2021

People buy from those that they know, like & trust.

How do you build know, like and trust?

YOUR CONTENT- especially video content like lives, IGTV and stories.

Video demonstrates your authority and creates a connection with your audience on many levels.

So, you getting better at video, could be the very reason that your business finally grows.

I know I've seen this in my own business time and time again.

TWO quick tips!

1- Start with the hook/the trailer/the lead. Address the most important lesson or anecdote FIRST, or at least tease it through a few words and supporting text on the screen so that people know what you're going to be talking about and can decide if they care or not. Do it RIGHT AWAY in the beginning so the max amount of people see it. Please do NOT start with "Hi, I'm Kellsie and hopping on here real quick to share some new things and I really hope you're having a great day and had a fun weekend..." BLAH.

Some HOOK examples to start with:

How would you like.....

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You know you're ready for your message to be heard and known.

Uncategorized May 10, 2021

You want it to finally feel EASY to be seen, to actually share what has been on your heart and mind.

You know you're ready for your message to be heard and known.

You want to fix your relationship with the LENS.

You want the effort of making videos to bring in RESULTS.

You want to do the work ONCE and continually have it bring in new soulmate clients that you love working with.

You want to be paid for being YOU.

You want to build or scale your real business you are proud of while being your real self.

BUT your FEARS of…

not being good enough

being judged by others


...are holding you back?

Then I have some good news for you!

My BE CAMERA CONFIDENT BOOTCAMP is packed with the tools, training, and tech tutorials to eliminate the fear, worry, or over-thinking that has kept you from untapped success!

Want to give it a try? Then click the link in bio and let’s say buh-bye to those video jitters.

REMEMBER that you have a VISION. Your...

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I'm self conscious about this, but I showed up on camera anyway


So you may or not have seen this yet, but I shared it on the gram.. 

I have a bit of a lisp now. I'm hoping that my mouth will fully adapt and I'll be able to speak without an impediment - ESPECIALLY as a video coach and actress... but I'm determined to show up regardless. 

I've been dealing with some pretty extreme TMJ-D symptoms and pain for a few years now and it's become quite unbearable. I'm planning on making a video sharing my symptoms, the treatment plan, how it progresses etc., is that something you'd like to see?

And honestly, I thought I would be in surgery at this time and be prepping for 3-4 months with my mouth wired shut, eating only liquids through a straw and not being able to speak for months (I was SUPER stressed about this idea for so many reasons) because that was the only solution presented to me, for years. 

But, by some miracle, I found out about this rather unknown facial appliance movement treatment that takes...

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Here's a RECAP of the POWERFUL Round Table, it was AMAZING!!

 “Gaining Confidence to Collaborate” Collaboration Round Table - I left feeling infinitely more confident than I have in quite some time and I hope you did too. 


If you weren't able to catch it live, here's a recap of what we covered: 


✨ When you're feeling unqualified to call yourself a ___ (speaker, expert, etc.) remember Kellsie's wise words - “You are because you do.” 


✨ If you find yourself looking around the room and thinking, “how the hell did I end up here?” Toni said to remember that you were invited, and you belong there! She also recommends having a Hype Tunes Playlist to crank if you're feeling the nerves set in before a big event/meeting/talk.


✨ Amanda told us that she's come to realize that when she's scared, that's a good sign that she's moving in the right direction. She now looks for opportunities that scare the crap out of her.

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What does being "Authentic On-Camera" actually mean? What if I *feel* scared?


You'll hear me talk a lot about being "authentic on- camera." So I want to share with you what that really means.

Public speaking can be absolutely terrifying or absolutely exhilarating. And speaking into a lens is now the most common form of public speaking. Most people won't be feeling like their best, most confident selves before getting in front of the camera, or getting on a stage. So, it begs the question, how to show up "authentically" as the real you, even if you're feeling scared, but in a way that can still inspire, inform and entertain your audience?
I actually wanted to use the stage example for a moment because I was just having a conversation with a really amazing, phenomenal stage speaker. She's well known and has traveled to speak on several famous stages in front of thousands of people. And she was saying, well, I don't want to show up as my authentic self at that moment because it would be just the scared shitless person who's feeling...
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Why "Just Practice" is the worst advice for getting on video


Why "Just Practice" is the worst advice for getting on video 

Second to being in person, video is the most potent version of connection and communication that we have with one another. Especially when we're building those new relationships, growing our audience and we're really getting our personal brand out there in front of new people that haven't met us before.
They don't know us personally. We didn't get the chance to meet them at an event or work with them one-on-one, at least not yet. So we're creating that initial introduction in the most impactful way possible, which is through this energetic connection that happens through the lens.
Think of when you've watched a movie or a TV show, that's impacted you in a real way.
That made you laugh. That made you cry. That made you feel like you know them or you see yourself in them, in their character, in their performance, or the times when you've watched them and been like, "Oh, that was...
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Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching - I Do It Differently


There are Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching in Business

There are usually two approaches to video coaching in the entrepreneurial space. And I do it differently than either of those.
1) They're usually coming from this background of being a spokesperson or a host, which is excellent. IF you are being a spokesperson or host for someone else's company; this is really similar to when I do an industrial or a commercial for someone else's brand. They hire me, as an outsider, as an actress, to represent them and their message. 
But if you're building your OWN personal brand, your own social media, your media training and interviews for you for your company, your product, your service, your solution, then YOU are at the forefront of the brand. You are the talent. You are the on-camera, on-screen persona that has to show up in a way that owns your story.
Owns the authenticity of the message versus showing up and being able to present enthusiasm for...
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