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FREE GIFT: 3 Secrets To Unlock Your Magic On Camera

The ripple effect of one video.


Together, We Make Your Message Eternal.

We Immortalize Your Legacy Through Potent Video. 

Become Truly Free and Captivate in Front of the Lens to Finally Bring Your Story to Life On-Screen.


The Emergence Program

For The Elite Leader that is ready to EMERGE as the authority that you are. The 7+ figure entrepreneur who prefers an exclusive one-on-one working relationship to get the world-class support you need for performance training, messaging, presence, and media solutions.   

*Limited to 5 Clients Per Year 

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Captured Genius - 90 Day Private Coaching

Expanding and exploring your true genius while we unfold it on camera as we create your entire video plan and process. Private, premium coaching to grow and magnetize your business. 

*Limited to 5 Clients Per Quarter

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Marvelous You VIP Day

This luxurious day is a spectacular, transformative experience for the expert that knows their genius (even if you struggle articulating it) and needs to translate it to the camera. Because you're a busy business owner, you need to change your relationship with the lens immediately, be truly seen and guided in this shift fast.

  1. Virtual
  2. In-Person
  3. In-Person with my film crew

*Limited to 3 Clients Per Month

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The Best Video - For - Business Program

My on-demand training, the self-guided program "Captivate On Camera" is the absolute best place for coaches and course creators to start sharing their message confidently online to grow their business with social media. 

*Lifetime Access

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CAPTIVATE. The Camera Ready Retreat.

An immersive, genuine luxurious, spiritually enlivening women's only retreat. Through intentional adventures, collaborators, locations and experiences we will awaken the genius within you and then capture it on film. My professional film crew will see your essence shine through and turn it into media that will explode your business.  

*Currently on waitlist 

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It’s not the video alone, it’s the energy of how it’s created.

There are a thousand companies that “do video,” but when we work together, we translate your genius to the camera

Because You Are Called For More. 

We make your brilliance captivate, fascinate and transform the consciousness of millions on the planet because that is the power you have when I work with you. 

Not Sure Which Is The Best Solution For You? I'll Help You.