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Ready to Look, Sound, Feel, and BE Amazing On Video?

Improve your video presence, confidence, strategy and marketing to create powerful, authentic videos that connect and convert!

xo, Lady Kellsie

Creator of Be Marvelous You
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Get your business seen online through the power of Video. Become the authority in your niche through authentic, compelling video.

The importance of having an on camera coach is simple and critical. Video = Trust. I'm here to help you connect to your audience in an impactful way. The Corona-Climate has put the world into a tailspin, let's get your business up and running online, visible, thriving and helping serve your audience now more than ever before.

I know it can feel scary to put yourself out there, but it's time to stop hiding in your life + business and living smaller than who you truly are.

Ever feel like...

  • You cringe when you have to make a video and procrastinate as long as possible

  • You finally film it but you do 12 takes and then never *actually* post it

  • Your delivery comes out sounding way different than it did in your head, maybe awkward, robotic or phony?

  • You're a "perfectionist" and it never turns out good enough

  • You freeze up when on camera, forget what to say or don't know what to say, wish you sounded confident, strong, comfortable or natural on video

It's not a 'natural' thing to share our authentic selves to a pinhole in a glass and metal box, but I PROMISE you, it's just a skill that you can learn and use the lens as an incredible portal of energetic connection to your audience.

I'm so excited to help you on this journey! I'm your on-camera coach with the tools & techniques for effective video in your business. 

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VIDEO PRESENCE Coaching Services

How you FEEL when you're on-camera, matters. It impacts how you come across in video and the results your video marketing will bring you. As the on-camera expert, I care about how you feel when you step in front of the camera, the impact my students are making when sharing their message and the immense growth that can happen when you effectively implement video into your work. Let's gain freedom from fear of the camera!

Let Me Introduce Myself:
Your On-Camera Coach

“You are the hero of your own story and because of that, because of what you’ve gone through and experienced, you are now the guide to help others, so they too can be the hero of their own journey. So you have to show up and help light the way for them.” 

My mission as a camera expert is to empower individuals by helping them build self-love, confidence, awareness and a mindset that is run by intentional actions and reflective thinking. Together, we build the future they want. I help them choose their life and stop “shoulding” all over themselves. 

What makes Be Marvelous You so unique and incredible, is that its purpose is to teach the mindset necessary to create the desired external reality. All of the goals that we strive for stem from our mindset, which we can choose through identifying the thoughts that drive our emotions. 

When we recognize and accept that power we possess, we are able to design our lives with intention. 

We work together to empower your life and bring your magnetic, marvelous, authentic self to life through the lens. My goal is to help your life, social media and business soar through genuine connection through video marketing. By mastering your on-camera presence so that you look, sound and FEEL amazing on-camera. 


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Ready to Gain Freedom From Fear of the Camera?

What Makes Me Different?

The Leading On-Camera Expert for Entrepreneurs.

Host and Creator of The Camera Ready Retreat.

Professional Actress, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist.


How I Can Help You

My pivot into coaching came after managing the lives of 25 adult male felons in the prison system, and it made me miserable. When I decided to choose living in joy instead, I began acting professionally, traveling, designing my life with intention and decided to help others create their happy lives too. Over the next five years, I learned (and still do) everything I possibly can about personal development, growth mindset, business development, online marketing and more. During this time I've not only been a Success Mindset and Business Coach, but an actress and acting coach as well. In 2019, I decided it was time to finally merge these deep passions and help entrepreneurs thrive on-camera so they can leverage the immense power of video by sharing their story, being authentic and captivating their audience. Everything I teach is founded in MINDSET, VISION, STRATEGY and SOUL. It's time to stop living smaller than you truly are.

Your authenticity, authority, passion and presence on-camera is what will transform people with your mission in mind, and create a movement around your message. 

I used to be terrified of having a public presence online.  Thoughts constantly raced . . .

  • What if the friends, family, or even acquaintances in my life called me a fraud as I tried to show up as my real, true self in a bigger and visible way?
  • What if my old clients from my old job in corrections found me online and trolled or came after me?
  • What if complete strangers say mean things?
  • What if something I said hurt someone I care about?
  • What if I sound stupid or dumb or say something embarrassing or do it all wrong? 
  • Don't I need to lose 10 lbs and look perfect all the time to be on video?

Fast forward to today and I have been able to master mindset and pursue a career in acting and have been on film! This was something I never would have imagined, yet I did it, and I know you can too!

How you FEEL when you're on-camera, matters.

It impacts how you come across in video and the results your video marketing will bring you.

The impact my students are making when sharing their message and the immense growth that results from effective video marketing is the recipe for freedom!


Kellsie, Hubs (David) and Pup (Leo) from our Xmas card! :)

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Kellsie Moore

CEO, Founder of Be Marvelous You
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