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Does a Rising Tide *actually lift all Boats when it comes to Business?

business coaching Jun 16, 2021

It actually does. BECAUSE the whole "rising tide lifts all boats" concept is because when we "fail" ie. learn something, we and others can improve from those lessons. When we succeed and reach a goal, we then inspire others and show them and ourselves that more is possible. ⁠

Keep Going. ⁠
Keep Rising.⁠

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TODAY! It’s fair to say that 2020 brought more opportunity to the Online Business World than in any other time. So many entrepreneurs took full advantage of the opportunity to take their business online, most are left with digital products (courses and group programs) that aren’t getting the traction they want.

And maybe that’s been your experience as well?

You already know you can help others. But they don’t know it yet. And as a result, your stuff isn’t flying off the shelves.

Digital products don’t create demand for themselves.

Sorry. But you are putting something out there that’s going to change lives. And that’s what your people need... and as most already know, what you are looking for is rarely what you need, right?

They need to understand WHY first. .
Why your offer?
Why your Solution?
Why NOW?

Failure to answer even just one of these questions, and your prospects will say no to your product.

A launch answers all FOUR of these critical questions while simultaneously creating demand for your product as it eliminates objections!

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xo, kellsie


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