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Someone told me a lovingly stern and helpful reminder

Something brilliant that my business coach, @jameswedmore said in our live interview the other week (you can watch the full igtv on my profile) was “Success is doing what you said you were going to do."

It’s self-integrity. And if what you said you were going to do is also what you wanted to do, then that’s not just success, it's also fulfilling.
Check in with yourself about this, how is your self-integrity going right now? It can be really challenging to have that level of follow-through and commitment.

Usually, when I notice that I can't seem to finish the things I set out to, it's because I put too much on my list. I didn't schedule things out or prioritize accurately, especially if something on that list is particularly expanding or difficult for me and I need to account for the excess energy that will require.

Get better at this by - having grace with yourself and learn your cues: a stern when you need to rest, refuel, and know what your KPI's are to see if you're spending your time and energy on pieces that actually don't move the needle in your business.

Because the more that we do successfully uphold those bargains with ourselves, the more confident we become in our abilities and the trust we feel within ourselves to actually achieve the results we want.

This strengthens our resolve, our intuition, our clarity, and our actions.

Something else he said in a recent podcast episode was that: (paraphrased)
“Most people lack the maturity in business to have discipline. Growth takes refinement and repetition. If you get bored, get a hobby. Refine your message and your offer and improve your performance and keep doing that over and over and over again and you will reach success.”

It's a pretty potent statement but I don't know about you, but sometimes I do need the strong reminder to simply. keep. going. 

xo, Lady Kellsie


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