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On-Camera Training for Driven Entrepreneurs

Video presence training to get better on-camera! Get confident on-camera to create effective, authentic videos for your social media business content creation. 

My TOP recommended $100 Vlogging microphone!

Unboxing review of the Sabinetek Bluetooth Lavalier SmartMike+. Best $100 microphone for content creators? I think it's fantastic and super convenient while creating a great, clear sound for your online videos. PERFECT for travel and the windscreen and shield are great for outdoors. 

Get your Sabinetek SmartMike here! http://bit.ly/kellsiesabinetek

This is my primary mic now, I LOVE it! I requested to be an affiliate, it helps me a TON when you use my links, thank you so much!! It never alters your price or experience. Thank you!

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* These are the 5 best ways to get started...

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What Being Authentic Online Means

This quote (in pic below) by William W. Purkey is something we should probably all live by. 💓

Social media and online presence opens us to being more exposed to criticism and that so often stops us from ever getting started.

 Please don’t let that fear of  judgement, of what ‘others’ might think stop us from pursuing our PASSION and most of all from LIVING our lives.

👊Go do what you want to do!

👊You are more powerful than you realize!

👊Take a leap of faith and try something new.

 Don’t be afraid of how things will turn out because if you don’t make that move, you will live the kind of life where you will always keep wondering what could have happened if you tried. 


Embrace and accept who you are. Create that deep knowledge of who you are and the message that you want to impart to the world then share it. 

Always BE authentic. By showing your true self, you will be able to make that genuine connection with others....

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3 Tips to the Easiest Marketing Plan...Ever!!

Want to know 3 tips to the EASIEST marketing plan...ever? Then scroll

STEP 1 : BE CONFIDENT 🙌 ! Your energy is huge and is the most important part of being able to attract and convert dreamy new clients.

STEP 2: PLAN OUT your video content and pair it with a SIMPLE script, without sounding like a robot.🗣

STEP 3: Use IG REELS + STORIES 📲.  They rank higher organically and make a massive positive impact on audience reach and growth.

📌 With my  BE CAMERA CONFIDENT BOOTCAMP , you will be provided with all of the guidance, tools and resources to experience and implement the easiest marketing plan to pack your pipeline with dream clients.

Click HERE to see what my clients have to say AND click on the image below to grab a spot for just $37! Because it’s TIME to take action!👊

It takes a lot of courage and practice to be at ease on video because...

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Your Message is Powerful

Have you ever listened to someone's story and feel totally moved by it?

Watched a movie, heard a Tedtalk, read a social media post that moved you? That made you feel impacted or inspired?

It's such an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone out there that you can relate with, that sensation of knowing that you're not alone.

And yet we so often hesitate to share our own story because we're afraid of the criticism and judgment that we might get from other people.

And to be honest, I've definitely been there myself and still have tons of stuff I haven't publicly shared yet.

BUT instead of holding back from a place of fear, I'm just now consciously choosing this unfolding, in my own time, because I know that what I've been through can help others. 

What you've been through, can HELP others. We get to choose our own timeline and keep things private if we want to, but we didn't go through these experiences in life to just struggle alone. Maybe there's a gift in the...

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Let's talk about ABUNDANCE. We hear this word all the time. It’s defined as a large quantity of something, the tendency of nature and of life to manifest, grow, and become more. As entrepreneurs we strive to manifest our beliefs, grow our clients and become more for ourselves as a person.

Last year, I made the choice to really introduce myself ‍ and get out there, connect with a lot of people who I admire and who share the same beliefs as I do and to learn everything that I can about the “next level” to help grow my business and myself as well. I admit, it was terrifying but also AWESOME!

This year, I have been invited to dozens of guest speaking events, podcasts and virtual summits and I know that many of these invitations stemmed from the NETWORKING   that I did at events last year and it made me realize the VALUE of going to summits, networking events, live events, in person meetings and now, still the same events...just virtual. It’s...

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My TOP 4 Online Platforms

social media training Feb 10, 2021

I wanted to share with you my TOP 4 online platforms that I swear by in my business since they have made my biz life so much easier and more efficient.

The first one is LOOM. This platform will save you a lot of time and energy when you need to leave a message, give instructions, feedback and replies. It lets you record your face, your voice and your screen. It even allows you to highlight your own screen on how to complete certain tasks. I use it almost everyday to communicate with me team. AND they also have a chrome extension that makes it super accessible, free and easy to use. 👌

The second is ZOOM. This is the perfect platform for your meetings, training, webinars and classes too. It even lets you record the entire meeting so you can play it back! 

My third favorite platform is CALENDLY. It makes online appointment scheduling easy peasy. You can find the perfect meeting time by just sending your link that shows your available dates or even specifies only certain...

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Want to Know What Platform Transformed My Business?

social media training Feb 09, 2021

If there’s one decision I know I will never regret making for my business, it’s switching to @kajabi. This “ALL-IN-ONE” platform integrates everything about your biz and it really TRANSFORMED my business! 

It houses my…

💻 website

📄 landing pages

🗣 courses

📈 funnels

emails…and so much MORE!!


it’s simple to use (even if you’re not tech savvy, I promise!!)

price is so worth it (no need to pay for a ga-zillion online tools because it basically does almost everything!!)

provides payment and sales automation

You may also click on the image below to check-out my YouTube video on why it's the PERFECT PLATFORM for membership entrepreneurs.


I only ever recommend products that I know, love, and use personally to this day and @kajabi is 100% that.🙌

📲  SIGN UP for the 14-day FREE trial. These 2 weeks to help inspire you into action so...

👀  watch the videos


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3 Ways to Manage Your Energy - and Be on Multiple Social Media Platforms.


Even with self-care practices, we're bound to feel stress and overwhelm at some point. To help us operate from a clear mind and high energy, try these three things! 

1 - Start your “workday” with a needle moving task. 

>> This gets your energy flowing and helps to build the momentum you need to continue with your important tasks throughout the day. It also keeps you out of the inbox and on social media rabbit hole!

>>Check that big thing off your checklist at the beginning of the day, so you won’t have it creeping in the back of your mind as the day progresses.

2 - Know how to manage your energy in a way that works best for you. 

>>Our energy fluctuates, so strategically plan your tasks at the peaks and breaks at the lows of your energy level to help you maintain staying in flow throughout the day. 

>>Put those low energy tasks like folding laundry, making a grocery list, responding...

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