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Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching - I Do It Differently


There are Two Common Approaches to Video Coaching in Business

There are usually two approaches to video coaching in the entrepreneurial space. And I do it differently than either of those.
1) They're usually coming from this background of being a spokesperson or a host, which is excellent. IF you are being a spokesperson or host for someone else's company; this is really similar to when I do an industrial or a commercial for someone else's brand. They hire me, as an outsider, as an actress, to represent them and their message. 
But if you're building your OWN personal brand, your own social media, your media training and interviews for you for your company, your product, your service, your solution, then YOU are at the forefront of the brand. You are the talent. You are the on-camera, on-screen persona that has to show up in a way that owns your story.
Owns the authenticity of the message versus showing up and being able to present enthusiasm for somebody else's product. If it's a personal brand company, this is the one part of the company you truly can't hire out for, you can't outsource or delegate this, because you are the face of the company, the essence, and energy of why people are buying. 
It's an entirely different energetic delivery system. And it's just one that I don't see taught very often in the online space because they're more used to coming from the place of, "let me represent someone else's show or business or brand or company."
But that's not what you're doing anymore. You're now shifting into that forefront, your stepping into the spotlight. You are the on-screen talent. You are the one that now gets to shine, but you might not be used to that. So it's going to just be a bit of a learning curve and adding in some new skills and techniques and abilities where when you master that, you can walk into any room and you can command the space, you then have that energetic control over your message and yourself and the way that you present and are seen in the public eye.
2) The other way I usually see this come across is coaches really focusing on the technical aspect of it; the equipment and the editing.
What software to use etc., and then it's usually for the focus of growing maybe a YouTube channel, and you're looking at the keywords and how to work with the algorithm and creating thumbnails and how it is that you scale on a specific channel. Or just telling you how to make reels. Now, all of that can be really beneficial. That can be great, but those are more additional things you do after the fact, first and foremost, you need to master your on-camera presence because again, you're the on-screen talent.
So you really just need to harness your ability to show up shine, deliver your message powerfully and with impact. And then you can hire an editor. You can hire somebody to help you grow and scale on those channels if you want to. And when I work with my clients, that is part of it too, because we want to take your message and actually market it and get it out to that next level.
But we can do that on any channel. We can do that on YouTube or an Instagram, or, you know, maybe your goal is just to do professional media training, where you want to do media interviews on the news, or maybe you want to be an event speaker, but you want to do it through the lens because stage speaking in person is a very different energetic delivery than it is on camera. So maybe you are just wanting to do an event tour, but remotely, speaking through a camera, or at least being able to do both.
So you see how once you master those skills, first and foremost, within yourself, you can take it to any of these other avenues and really grow and scale in whichever facet is going to serve you and your business the most.
I serve my clients in two primary capacities; 1- self-guided video performance and marketing programs at very accessible price points and 2- premium, custom-tailored private media training. I would love to get to know you to see how it is we can best work together and how I can support you in your business growth! Please click on my services tab here to find the perfect world-class solution for you.
xo, Lady Kellsie

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