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2 Tips to Ensure You Never Run Out of Postable Content

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2021

It's the beginning of the year and if you're already stuck and wondering what to post, then I'd like to share with you ✌️ 2 TIPS to ensure you NEVER run out of postable content and to keep your messages flowing!

1️⃣ NOTE✍️  or RECORD⏺  your reactions, thoughts, opinions or inspirations from podcasts you hear, or books you read etc. I like to text myself when something comes to mind, and then it’s easy for me to refer back to when I go to prepare my content. 

2️⃣ SAVE📩  posts that inspire you and then share your opinion on the topic to demonstrate your thought leadership in your relevant industry. Sharing our own perspectives on commonly discussed relevant ideas will help us be a fountain of ongoing content in a way of thought leadership. 

Something that I keep hearing is the STRUGGLE😩  people feel about the content they are creating; not knowing what to talk about and what to share. This is why I created the 🤩 CONVERTING CONTENT CALENDAR🤩  that you can get for just $17 right now when you purchase it as the VIP upgrade to my brand new 

BE CAMERA CONFIDENT BOOTCAMP (👈  click to sign up) → which helps balance the value, training, and personality you’re sharing through your posts. Maintaining those high quality value posts, allowing your vibe to come through, and share pieces of your life, with all of them founded in your opinion and belief system is what will help provide your audience with a rounded supply of content!

📌 REMINDER: You can always lean on a calendar 🗓, but most importantly you need to lean on YOURSELF. Make sure that the content you are sharing is quality, value packed information that really emphasizes your MESSAGE and your BELIEF SYSTEM behind what it is you do and why you do it. People want to connect to you, your message and feel like they know you on a deeper level. This is why having that BALANCE within the content you create is so important. 




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