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Breakthrough the Video Jitters this Week

so that you can experience the reward of having the easiest marketing plan ever!

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shy on camera

What if in the next week, you . .  .

  • Finally stopped scrolling through videos, and started creating ones of your own!
  • Had the confidence to record video without a million "re-do's," or wanting to run for the hills and hide!
  • Knew how to form your video content without tripping over your words or worse, worried that you sound like a robot!

Does this seem like a dream? 

If so, you are REALLY going to love 💕 this . . .

Video is the fastest way to earn "Know, Like, and Trust" status online, but you probably already know that. 

The tricky part is knowing how to make that "status," a reality, so that you can finally be seen as the "go-to" in your industry! 

THE DRAMA that's keeping you from having confidence on camera STOPS HERE!!!


The Be Camera Confident Bootcamp is a personal Gamechanger for Entrepreneurs!

✓ Fast track your way to "like, know, and trust" status through video and easily unlock a vibe that attracts your DREAM CLIENTS. 

The Be Camera Confident Bootcamp is packed with the tools, training, and tech tutorials to eliminate the fear, worry, or over-thinking that has kept you from untapped success!

Here's The BLOW-Your-mind Bootcamp Breakdown . . .


The Ultimate Guide to Connections and Profit!

This video training bundle will unlock the 7 things that every video must have to connect and convert!   

By the end of these training videos, you will know exactly when to record and why energy is so important (hint: It's transparent).

Create a HUGE marketing IMPACT by having confidence on camera: 

  • The Magic 7: Access a video that will let you know about The 7 critical things to do on video that will pave the way for the highest conversions on camera
  • The Elevated Energy on Camera - Quickstart is a video that makes way for energy awareness and true understanding of how to use the energy you have to attract your ideal audience while building a strong foundation in your industry!
  • The Video Vibe Discovery Workbook: Discover your brand's video vibe using a step by step method designed to give you clear direction and understanding of the vibe you want your viewers to have when watching, and eliminating what you want to avoid!


The Be Camera Confident Trailblazer Toolkit

An exclusive toolkit that eliminates the overthinking behind planning your videos.  This toolkit saves you time and has you up and going on video in no time flat. 

NOBODY wants to spend hours learning the tech side either! I've got you covered there also!

Instant Access to:

  • The Be Marvelous on Camera Mini Script Flow Planner! Instead of worrying about the exact words to say on camera, this tool will give you a clear direction on setting up a flow instead of a scripted "robot." This flow keeps you sounding natural and relatable, without feeling nervous or going blank the minute you hit the "record" button. 
  • The Be Confident on Camera Tech Toolkit in the age of digital, it's still common to get lost in the tech side of anything new.  This simplified tutorial holds the exact steps you need to create captivating videos that your dream clients will love, and that you feel proud to reveal!
  • The Lights, Camera, Action, Platform Assessment is a series of questions that will let you give you instant insight into which platform is best for you to take charge on.  No more wondering about where your videos should live, or where your people are.  This assessment will give you the answer! 

Be Confident on Camera - before your competition beats you to it!

Get instant access to all of this! 

Add on the VIP Content Plan that features 250 days of engaging prompts planned out for you for just $17 more (a $297 value by itself).


  • Magic 7 Series (Valued at $197)
  • Elevated Energy (Valued at $67)
  • Mini Script Flow (Valued at $77)
  • Vibe Workbook (Valued at $87)
  • Tech Quickstart (Valued at $77)
  • Platform Survey (Valued at $57)
  • IG Reels Bonus (Valued at $97)
  • IG Stories Bonus (Valued at $97)

Enroll today and I'll include these ðŸŽ‰BONUSES...


Captivate with Reels!

Instagram Reels is the newest feature to Instagram and has already proven to be a key favorite on the platform!  These short snippets of user-generated content are fun to create and can attract a TON of people to your Instagram account, without ads! 

For this bonus, I break down how to create, post, and use Instagram Reels to your success advantage! 

($97 value)


Show and Tell with IG Stories

Instagram stories are a place for you to share anything throughout your day or about you! It's a perfect touch to adding a more personable touch to a business account and gives your audience a feel of "behind the scenes" access.  In this training, I will share with you how to create stories that show and tell your story to create a deeper connection with your dream clients! 

($97 value)



Take the guesswork out of planning your content and dive into a plan that you can start using today! The done-for-you 250-day calendar posting prompts, designed to convert are waiting for you. 

🌟Upgrade to the VIP Option to have this time-saving piece of magic,  included for just 💥$17! 

($297 value)

The VIP Content Calender is a MUST-HAVE! Here's Why...


Even the Guarantee is backed by confidence!

The Be Camera Confident Bootcamp is backed by our 100% promise - or your money back!

After you sign up and dive into the amazing tools and training inside The Be Camera Confident Bootcamp if for any reason it isn't what you expected, simply let us know within 14 days and we will gladly give you your money back!  

The only thing we ask in return is that you truly go through the lessons and the tools.  Your success on camera is our #1 mission. 

We believe in you and the impact that you can make with your audience. 

By choosing to take action in this course, it shows your dedication and drive.  

If this course doesn't help you in the way you had hoped, let us know within 14 days by emailing: 

[email protected] 



I'm Kellsie Moore 

I help you FEEL great from head to toe and sound just as amazing on video! 

Your authority on camera is what will transform people with your mission in mind, and create a movement around your message

I used to be terrified of having a public presence online.  Thoughts constantly raced . . .

  • What if something I said hurt someone I care about?
  • What if the friends, family, or even acquaintances in my life called me a fraud as I tried to show up as my real, true self in a bigger and visible way?
  • What if my old clients from my old job in corrections found me online and trolled or came after me?
  • What if complete strangers say mean things?
  • What if I sound stupid or dumb or say something embarrassing or do it all wrong? 
  • Don't I need to lose 10 lbs and look perfect all the time to be on video?


Fast forward to today and I have been able to master mindset and pursue a career in acting and have been on film! This was something I never would have imagined, yet I did it, and I know you can too!

How you FEEL when you're on-camera, matters.

It impacts how you come across in video and the results your video marketing will bring you.

The impact my students are making when sharing their message and the immense growth that results from effective video marketing is the recipe for freedom!

See what people are saying...

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

Lights, Camera, Confidence!


Your spot inside the Be Camera Confident Bootcamp is right here! 

⬇  ⬇  ⬇


▼ Option 1 ▼

Gets you all access to the course for just $37!

▼ Option 2 ▼

Gets you ALL ACCESS to the course PLUS the 250 Day VIP Content Plan for just $17 more (normally $297 by itself!) 

  • Magic 7 Masterclass Training Bundle (Valued at $197)
  • The Elevated Energy on Camera Video Training (Valued at $67)
  • The Be Marvelous Mini Script Flow Planner (Valued at $77)
  • The Video Vibe Discovery Workbook (Valued at $87)
  • The Be Camera Confident Toolkit (Valued at $77)
  • The Lights, Camera Action Platform Assessment (Valued at $57)
  • ✨Instagram Reels Bonus (Valued at $97)
  • ✨Instagram Stories Bonus (Valued at $97)
  • ✨Powerful Confidence Crash Course Audio Bonus (Valued at $97)

READY . . .SET. . . GO!  

$20 off for Action Takers!












Just $37!


OPTION 2: Be Camera Confident VIP



JUST $54


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