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Your Message is Powerful

Have you ever listened to someone's story and feel totally moved by it?

Watched a movie, heard a Tedtalk, read a social media post that moved you? That made you feel impacted or inspired?

It's such an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone out there that you can relate with, that sensation of knowing that you're not alone.

And yet we so often hesitate to share our own story because we're afraid of the criticism and judgment that we might get from other people.

And to be honest, I've definitely been there myself and still have tons of stuff I haven't publicly shared yet.

BUT instead of holding back from a place of fear, I'm just now consciously choosing this unfolding, in my own time, because I know that what I've been through can help others. 

What you've been through, can HELP others. We get to choose our own timeline and keep things private if we want to, but we didn't go through these experiences in life to just struggle alone. Maybe there's a gift in the obstacles we've overcome that can help inspire and impact others. Make a real difference in their lives by learning how we made it through in our own. 

I never thought that I would be confident enough to be in front of the camera, sharing my story of how I've gotten this far, and encouraging you and other people to do it too. But I feel that call of a greater purpose, knowing that I meant to share this journey with you.

By showing up, owning your narrative, what you’ve been through, you will be able to establish rapport, relatability, and stand out to your audience. Because it's when you share your UNIQUE story that they will be able to resonate, relate, learn, and see themselves in it, even if it looks totally different than their own life. We know the value of this, the POWER of storytelling, because we feel it all the time when we read or watch something moving, whether it's a Hollywood film or a social media post, we connect.  

☝Always remember that your message is POWERFUL and there is someone out there that's waiting to hear it from you.


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