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Your are a Fighter and You are Stronger than You Know!

personal development Feb 11, 2021

My sister and I joined Krav Maga in high school and started this Israeli self-defense, really because she worked at the movie theater next door and we wanted something to do between watching movies. 

It might sound familiar because Krav Maga is the training that Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, did during her time in the military. Action movies have been a huge part of our lives growing up and we absolutely loved them! So we completely enjoyed the training and kept going for years, also, we were the only girls in the class. 👭 I think all girls should take this training! 

This training experience sparked that love for being able to EXPRESS the fun and experience of watching an action movie in real life and getting to actually DO those moves. It made us feel ✔️ strong, ✔️ safe, ✔️ empowered and like ✔️ we can handle things that came at us and it really helped BUILD my level of inner belief, knowing and fortitude which are all 👆 CRITICAL personal development skills we need to have to succeed in anything in life, particularly in entrepreneurship.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we can be a FIGHTER and that we are STRONG ENOUGH to do the difficult things. AND sometimes, these difficult things are actually simple like...

💪 You CAN do the workout today

💪 You CAN post that photo on IG

💪 You CAN go do that course you signed up for

💪 You CAN make that sale 

💪 You CAN get in front of the camera and make your first video 

In those times when you feel knocked down; when it feels really hard, and you start to lose the faith and hope in yourself, 👆 remember that you are in TRAINING right now for your entrepreneurial business and you have to build up that STRENGTH and that knowing that you are a FIGHTER when you need to be and you are always STRONGER than you know.

☝️ PS. Expansion isn't always easy but it’s always worthwhile.💯💪🙌

What are the things you’ve enrolled in that made you feel stronger? 




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