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would you rather have the camera facing you or your doggo?

Your Video CONTENT TIPS Continued...⁠Save this one!⁠

The good news is that you want to show up on camera with your face, AND your doggo!! Or kids/view/office etc. 

1) To grow a business, people need to know what to come to you for, so it's key to stay focused, niche and consistent when posting, so that you can become the go-to company for the thing that you serve, that you sell. ⁠

AND, especially in this digital age, people want to buy from real human people, so don't ONLY talk about business...

It's super fun to get to know the person behind the product! Your IG stories are the perfect place to show your behind-the-scenes, personal life, the process of how you do things, your doggo etc.⁠

2) To build relationships with your audience, ⁠you'll want engagement! That's likes, saves, comments, shares on your posts, DM's and story interactions. A great way to do this is to ask questions during your videos and tell people to comment their answers!

Ask them their opinions, thoughts, their own personal experience about the topic you're speaking on etc. ⁠

And use the stickers in your stories! The slide buttons, voting feature and poll will help grow your engagement!⁠

More tips coming your way!

xo, Lady Kellsie


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