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What Makes a Good Video?

video coaching Jan 22, 2021

📹 VIDEO only works if it’s actually good.This is the absolute TRUTH 💯. ⁠

BUT, good doesn’t mean fancy...it means ✅ COMPELLING, ✅ POWERFUL, ✅ IMPACTFUL! This impact should matter a lot to you because you are a driven entrepreneur who is using the internet to get new clients and build your audience. AND since VIDEO is the number one way of doing that, it’s the fastest way to reach more people and convert them into fans and buyers but on a deeper, energetic level to make a REAL human to human connection right away.⁠

☝🏻 SO if you have a message that you truly believe and care about, then you want to be using video and you want to be doing it well. If you hate doing it, do you think you will be consistent? Is it going to be any good? Because REMEMBER that compelling and powerful is what makes it have IMPACT and makes it have the effect YOU want it to have. ⁠

☝🏽 BUT first and foremost, you have to learn how to actually look, sound and feel great on camera that’s true to your authentic self and brand. AND when you've mastered your video presence & learned the strategies to take it to any social media platform, that’s when you will have a business that can finally grow in the way that you're meant to be as the visionary leader entrepreneur that you are.⁠

Wondering how to get started? I can take you to the EXACT first steps on how to actually move through those fears, improve your skills and become the best CEO version of yourself that you need to be. ⁠

So if you’re ready for a massive performance up level to rock your business, then YES, I would love to work with you on the inside.⁠ Click here for: THE ULTIMATE VIDEO CHECKLIST

Also, A powerful story can make an impact on who you share it with. BUT what makes a story powerful is the STORYTELLER. I always teach my clients that if you're speaking from a place of certainty and conviction then you and your message are solid. That's where your power and your magic comes from. ✨⁠

YOU are your story. It is what makes you different from everyone else. Sharing your message gives others a view into your world and of who you are. By doing this, you are giving people an opportunity to listen to your beliefs and your ideas. There will ALWAYS be someone who will resonate with what you put out there. Be that INSPIRATION to others. 💓⁠




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