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Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021

WOO!! Hello 2021! We have a whole year ahead of us for so many new things. AND with that, I'd like to introduce my new YouTube CHANNEL!! 🙌

I truly believe that my purpose in life is to help entrepreneurs be their BESTBRILLIANT and most AUTHENTIC SELF on video. That’s why ✨ BE MARVELOUS YOU✨  camera coaching is founded on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

In my YouTube channel, I will be sharing…

✨ tips

✨ suggestions

✨ lessons

✨ trainings

✨ inspiration...and so much more that will bring you value and help you in life and in your business.

AND I’m also going to share some videos of things that I love and love to do like travel videos with the hubs, puppy videos with my cockapoo, Leo and my hobbies like painting, dancing and a lot more!

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow and expand your online presence through video or if you’d like to get a peek into my life other than video coaching, click here and subscribe to my channel. You may also click on the image below for a short intro. See you there!! 🙋‍♀️

 👉 BECAUSE if you’re trying to grow your audience and get new clients online, us entrepreneurs have to show up for our business and for our audience. And the BEST way to do that is through VIDEO. By now, we all know how CRITICAL video presence is online and since it is the second best way of making that human to human connection and building TRUST, aside from in-person meeting, we must master the SKILLSET of how to be captivating on camera by showing our true and authentic self. 👈

I know that when someone says “just be yourself”, it sounds a whole lot easier than it actually is right? It can be both the easiest and the hardest thing to do...I’ve definitely struggled through this and seen countless people “putting on” a disconnected persona when speaking on camera. 

It comes down to remembering why we’re showing up, who we’re speaking to and truly believing in ourselves and our purpose. Find your TRUTH - your values, what you really believe in - and combine that with your personality aspects that make you...YOU and it will feel easier, more natural and more comfortable to show your face, your energy and your personality in your videos. This REALNESS is what will draw people in with that magnetic force of who we are and the value we bring them.

So if you’re ready to be this genuine "BETTER VERSION" of yourself in front of the camera, click my "Ultimate Checklist." for steps on how to CONNECT and CONVERT on camera. 📲


📌 P.S. In my podcast episode with Money Savage’s @glgrombacher. We talked about the vital role of video, how to show up authentically, the things to consider before getting in front of a camera and so much more! Click here if you'd like to give it a listen. 💓




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