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This One Tip Will Save You from So Much Fear of Judgement

I was speaking with a client last week and she was feeling extra nervous about posting a video she recently made because she saw that her ex-roommate (who was highly critical and rude) was viewing her stories.

I reminded her that this is HER business, her page, reaching out to her clients and future clients. She is not making these videos for her ex-roommate.

It's time to step into that CEO energy - the bossbabe energy that knows your worth, knows why you're here and doing what you're doing.

People that are more successful than you will not be judging you, they are too busy doing focusing on their own thing, so does this ex roomies inner opinions (even if she did choose to voice them online) really matter to you?

Being our “CEO-self” on camera is the same as speaking to our ideal client. It means we know who we’re talking to and WHY. We’re not speaking to our family, our ex, people we knew in high school, our old co-workers, or people who don’t get what we do.

We have a TARGET audience and our main goal is for them πŸ‘‰ to receive the message, πŸ‘‰ to be moved and πŸ‘‰ to relate because what we speak about comes from within us; it’s what we, ourselves, strongly believe in and the most effective way of doing this is by being REAL and AUTHENTIC.⁠ ⁠It’s actually not as complicated as you think it is. Simply remember to gather your strength to be true and genuine WHILE being your “CEO-self” on camera and be the real you and not the hyper polished or hyper professionalized person that we so often think we have to be.⁠

Practice doing this by writing your ideal client's name on a sticky note and post it up near the lens so that they stay front of mind while you're speaking!




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