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The Truth Behind Growing My Instagram Business Account Over 10K followers

Uncategorized May 18, 2021

This might shock you, but I bought my first 500 Instagram followers. I want to show you the real, honest look into how I grew my Instagram account to over 10,000 people, the pros and cons of what I did, what I learned, what worked, and what I recommend for you!

Until you have a solid, committed following, I don't think that big giveaway loops or influencer shoutout posts will be very effective because they probably won't buy from you and will unfollow when they realize that they don't remember who you are or care about what you're doing. Consistency, Community and Commitment will win the day!


"How to Become a Natural On-Camera, even if you hate doing Video":


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🎬 Video converts so much higher than words and images alone because of the connection it creates and how it makes people FEEL! 📣 It's an easily accessible, remarkably effective form of communication that creates a huge opportunity for business growth.

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// K E L L S I E I'm Kellsie and I'm a full-time entrepreneur & professional actress. I’m the Video Presence Coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs; helping you look, sound, FEEL & BE great on-camera. We use your story, your life journey and expertise to craft your unique message in a way that creates a powerful and authentic connection to your audience through video. This is how you stand out online and become a magnetic brand! Everything I coach stems from a personal development perspective to help my clients become more natural, comfortable, charismatic and confident in front of the lens to make the impact you desire + finally enjoy doing video! This brand new channel takes you through my journey of starting my career in a correctional facility to building my business from the ground up, becoming a professional actress, sharing my anthropologist perspective based travel stories to sharing information on how I market, strategize, and operate in my business… to hopefully help you build yours!

// S U B S C R I B E. https://www.youtube.com/c/kellsiemoore New Videos Every Week!

// F O L L O W Website | www.kellsiemoore.com Instagram | @Kellsie_Moore

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