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The Process of Closing the Loop on 2020

personal development Jan 22, 2021

Year 2020...what a whirlwind it has been right?😅 A lot of challenges may have come our way, along with a lot of growth, realizations and changes have made an impact in our life as well! Have you reflected and acknowledged EVERYTHING that has happened to you this year - like the big stuff, the little things and the lessons learned? In a few days, 2020 is about to end and it is important for us to close the loop on the things that we’ve had going on this year to start a fresh page for 2021!

I want to share with you 2 simple ways on how we can do that...

TAKE at least 5-10 mins. to play some music, take a deep breath, and with your hand on your heart, reflect on the WINS that you felt this year. Write them down.✍️

➣ Have you finally launched your business?

➣ Have you grown your social media following?

➣ Have you grown your email list?

➣ Have you been consistent in posting online?

➣ Have you made your 1st video? -super important!👌👌👌 

If you have, then acknowledge and celebrate them! 🙌 These are exciting accomplishments! We need to recognize those little shifts because they will help us get to the bigger goals.

✌️ Look at 2021 for your goals…get in that dream state.💭

Ask yourself these questions: 🤔

➢ What is that next best step for me?

➢ What is something that’s going to be empowering, exciting and good for me to dig into?

➢ What is something I want to show up for consistently?

✴︎ What are the next steps for growing my business?

✴︎ Which areas in my business do I want to focus on?

✴︎ How can I use video to improve my business? (The stats keep going up, saying that 92% of everything is going to be through video.)

And from there, break down the goals and write out what specific actions you'll need to take to bring those to fruition. Start planning and mapping out what you want and why. In what way is it going to help serve you for your ultimate big vision?

💭 Think about how you want to FEEL every single day 5 years from now. Imagine how you want your external environment to look like because that will help you take actions now, that will create the life you truly desire.

And to really put on that bow on year 2020🎁, what is something from this year that you want to let go of? Maybe an unmet expectation or hope you had for this past year that didn't happen. Write it down and then tear it up - let it go. 

Give yourself a pat on the back, acknowledge, honor and celebrate how far you’ve come and start to set those to-manifest goals for 2021!

PS. If you ARE already using video but you still feel a lot of pressure when filming and when they go live or are uploaded, here are some thoughts to lessen that pressure.

➜ If it’s live, you can choose to either save it or delete it. Either way, it’s a great place to practice. AND for Instagram stories, it’s just up for 24 hours. 😉

➜ For pre-recorded videos, you can edit out the mistakes. So just relax and don’t freak out about them so much.

➜ Your video is not for you…to judge. Yes, it’s ok to watch it and see how you can improve. BUT the main purpose of your video is to offer VALUE to your client. Remember, your audience is waiting on what you want to teach them.

SO if your video is not perfect...that’s perfectly FINE, as long as your authentic self comes through in your video, it will be impactful on your audience. 💓


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