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Super Helpful Tips Before and During Video Recording

📸 by @erika.arlee

We humans are wired for social interaction for survival. And during this pandemic, that in-person, social need has hit a lot of obstacles, so the next best thing we have at our fingertips, is using video. 

📱 How do you feel when you facetime vs a regular phone call?

📳 How does a DM voice note feel vs a text?


📲 How does a VIDEO DM feel?

The difference in connection is MASSIVE‼

As business owners, we’ve started using a lot more video, because it’s the most impactful way to communicate with our clients. 

AND I know that for most people, it feels super awkward to talk into a glass and metal box with your authentic energy and emotions. 

☝ So here are some QUICK TIPS:

1 - When you’re in front of the lens, approach it as if you’re simply sharing something you are SUPER passionate about, rather than “teaching.”  

2 - Tell stories about yourself as it relates to your work, because when your audience knows your story, you will build in deeper familiarity.

3 - Focus on your message and on your audience instead of distractions such as the way you look, your angle, your hair etc. you can learn those as you go, but don’t want to be thinking about it while filming.

4 - And most of all, make sure that your personality, energy, experience is what comes through!

Don’t let this pandemic limit you, your business and how you can serve your clients anymore than is unavoidable, because whatever your business might be, there might be a pivot option for you to build a digital limb of your business & use video as the thing that makes you stand out and sets you apart.

📌PS. Here are a few more ways to help you change your energy whenever you feel your nerves spike, your whole body freeze and your energy seize up when you're about to film your video.

⏩ 20 jumping jacks

⏩ 10 push ups

⏩ move around

⏩ shake your face out

⏩ do some face stretches

⏩ vocal humming/warm ups

⏩ make your voice & body move

⏩ change your physical state

All of those will help push the nervous energy out because before we shoot, we have to build in that relaxation, loosen up, and be ready to get messy, to get real.

THEN we can take a beat to tidy up our hair, clothes, face or anything that’s a little bit out of place. 

And now that we’ve changed our energy, let’s hit “record”. 🔴

You CAN do it! 🙌




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