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FREE GIFT: 3 Secrets To Unlock Your Magic On Camera

Summit to Your Success! Women's Free Speaking Event!

business coaching Jun 23, 2021

Do you ever wonder how some women seem to have figured out this online business thing and are rocking it out while others struggle? Imagine if you knew what the successful women knew...⁠

Now you can join me and 25 other rock star women who have cracked the code! I mean, I'm always learning and evolving and really enjoy hearing what is working for other gals and seeing how I can apply those strategies to my own life and business, so that's what we're sharing with you.⁠

Learn our secrets as we tell all in an authentic and simple way on the Summit to Success Summit.⁠

This is for you if you have ever thought:⁠

…..I wonder what it takes to host a summit?⁠
…..I wonder how to use my voice like Morgan Freeman does (for real).⁠
…..I’d love to be on camera but I’m hesitant because I’m an introvert and I’m afraid I’ll just look stupid. (Well, because fear is real.)⁠
…..I wonder how to work less & charge more. (Day rates are your cure.)⁠
…..I wonder what it means to create a simple 6 figure business. That’s easy let us share our secrets with you.⁠

I promise it will be fun, inspiring, authentic, raw and upbeat as we share our success secrets and some of our failures with you.⁠

Get access here: https://laneyhouser.com/SSS-Kellsie⁠

xo, kellsie


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