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Let's Make 2021 a Good Year!

personal development Feb 10, 2021

Can you believe it’s 2021 already??? The last year just went by so fast.  At the beginning of 2020 we probably wrote out some personal and business goals, and then fires, covid, civil unrest, elections, travel bans, separations and more happened and we were all throw off of track. But I’m curious, how many of these goals were you able to check off your list? Regardless of what is happening around us, we still hold great personal power.

This year...

✅ Is being healthy part of your new year’s resolution?

✅ Was it your goal to be more confident in yourself? 

✅ Did you say that you were going to let go and learn from the past? 

✅ Were you planning to start doing what you love or start putting up your own business? 

✅ Do you have business goals that you haven’t hit yet?

✅ Do you have projects that you’ve been putting off?

✅ Do you have anything that’s left for the remaining of Q4?

If you haven’t achieved these goals, it’s ok, because every day you wake up, you’re given the gift of being able to try again. Also, always remember to…

✨  Recognize your accomplishments and celebrate small wins as you go. Give yourself kudos for what you did well!

✨  Remember the lessons you learned, as well as the knowledge and skills you acquired, and how you can continue to grow from them.

✨ Accept, acknowledge and learn from your mistakes and use them for self-improvement.

✨ Reflect on the year and think of how you will be moving forward. What will become a non-negotiable for you next year?

We are 90% in control of our lives, we are STILL capable of making it a good year and completing some of those goals! 

AND if you want to get past those excuses and take action and responsibility in your life and business, click on the image below and listen to my podcast episode on Real Women in Business with Cass McCory. 

Also, since we are speaking about goals, was it part of your GOAL this year (ok...or every year) to live a healthier life? I have! AND one of the first steps I made toward this goal is to eat and drink healthy. That's why I am so happy to have made @organifi products part of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

So I'd like to share with you my favorite Organifi “sunrise to sunset” drinks.

>>Organify Pumpkin Spice-I mix this with my coffee every morning. It’s low sugar, all vegan ingredients and packed with superfood benefits.⁠

>>Gold Chocolate-This drink is for all the chocolate lovers like me! It’s a superfood that tastes ABSOLUTELY like hot chocolate but like a really good hot cocoa flavor and I have it almost every night!

These drinks are absolutely impressive, delicious and healthy. I can't recommend them enough! If you want to know how yummy they are, click here  and use code "kellsie" to get a discount!




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