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How to Captivate on Camera with Authentic Storytelling

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2020 / Kellsie Moore is a professional Actress and On-Camera Coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping these high-achieving business owners become empowered to be their best self in life and on-camera; helping them craft their unique message in a way that creates a powerful and authentic connection to their audience through video, so they can stand out from the crowd and become a magnetic brand. Her coaching helps these entrepreneurs optimize their on-camera presence with more confidence and charisma to better connect, communicate and serve their audiences. She works with her clients to map out a strategically aligned plan for them to bring their inner life vision into their external world!

Photography credit: Erika Edwards https://www.instagram.com/erika.arlee/

You're known for speaking about how to share your message through authentic video storytelling. Tell us more about what inspires you and why you've chosen this path.

Too often we choose to confine ourselves to a tiny, boxed-in version of us that stays small and hidden, instead of deciding to embrace our potential and cultivate the fortitude to persevere and create the life that we actually want. We keep ourselves small in this false sense of safety. that we think we will be better off by doing what is generally expected of us, what we think we are "supposed" to do, rather than forging ahead with our actual desires. I believe that sharing our messages, journeys and missions through authentic video storytelling is the most effective way of stepping into that bigger, truer version of who we know we really are.

When I realized the immense healing power of storytelling through the visual medium of video, I made it my mission to honor that gift by allowing myself to become seen and build my dreams while helping others share their message and bring their visions to life.

Everything we want and aspire to be stems from our mindset. When we actively choose to align ourselves with our desired outcome and show up as that future self we are working to become, we are then able to design the lives we truly want for ourselves.

This is not something that happens naturally for us. It is something that needs to be taught, and I am so proud to be one of the voices on our earth doing just that! My goal is to help you become captivating on camera, by mastering your on-camera presence so that you look, sound, and feel amazing in your videos, to finally create an effective marketing plan.

Why did you create this brand? What does it mean to you? Did something particular inspire you?

Be Marvelous You evolved out of a turbulent season of my life. when I was working as a case manager in an adult male correctional facility, housed in an old Tuberculosis hospital. It was dark, dingy, and dilapidated; not the most inspiring place to be helping others through dark seasons of their own lives.

One night, around 9pm, during a thunderstorm, I had a particularly belligerent client burst into my office in a fit of rage, blocking the exit. He was convicted of a murder charge and, not knowing how this was going to turn out, I began reaching for the scissors in my desk drawer as I worked to calmly de-escalate the situation through problem solving. It wasn't necessarily scary, as odd as that sounds; it was simply a massive wake up call that I didn't actually want to do this anymore.

A colleague happened to walk by and we were able to dissolve the situation. Once they left, I sat in my office for a while, listening to the rain. I felt as though I was living in a box; imprisoned, confined, uncomfortable, and consumed with negativity and unhappiness. I had this moment of intense clarity where I realized I was in fact in control of my life! This didn't have to be how I spent the next 30 years of my life, because I did in fact have the power to change it. It was a profound power from within that redefined me in a way, and empowered me to realize that I needed to take back the reins of my life in order to break free of the limitation I had put on myself by choosing to work and live unhappily.

I realized I was the only person truly responsible for my current circumstance; I began by writing out a list - a list of things that I knew made me happy. Things like adventuring with my husband, traveling, acting, painting, and so on.

That night I started googling the bizarre phrase "how to become an actor in Colorado as an adult." I didn't know what else to search, but I recalled the ALIVENESS I felt doing theater and film projects while growing up and knew that I wanted to feel alive again.

Two weeks later, I went to my first audition. One that I found randomly online, in a strange place, not knowing anyone or anything about what I was doing. I booked the lead role and spent the next six months filming a Stephen King Dollar Babies indie film on weekends.

Over that six months, I started to care about myself again, lost 40lbs, started going on dates with my husband again, created a budget plan, and started planning for a dream trip to NYC.

I took a new job, it was the same role, but with a raise and at a new, clean facility. It was progress.

However, over that next six months, I continued experiencing situations I simply didn't want to be a part of anymore. I knew this line of work would just keep bringing me down.

The week that I internally decided I had to get out of there, I received a call out of the blue about an immediate opening for a higher education admin position, and I took it.

During this time, I started training as a film and TV actress. I got my first agent.

Over the next three years, I essentially had to relearn how to interact with people, how to feel safe smiling, how to share anything real about me, and how to let others in.

I discovered this magical thing called personal development and became certified in several life coaching programs, meditation, and Reiki. Then I discovered the potential of becoming an online entrepreneur. I learned everything I possibly could about online business, facebook ads, digital marketing, funnels, landing pages, and software programs.

Over this time, I kept training as an actress. Since then, I have worked in dozens of commercials, films, and industrials, and I got signed with my second agent.
But even then, when I started showing up on social media, I used my middle name for about the next year because I was terrified of being seen or found.

I was now working regularly as an actress, regionally, and frequently auditioning for network (this is a big step in the industry!), and began doing some work as an acting coach at a local studio.

Progress, yes. But I still felt like I was hiding. Living small. Living a lie. Still choosing to live a "safe" life that wasn't really mine.

So, I invested in another coach, another program, another skill. I went to live events, met people, talked about ideas, started a mini mastermind group, networked, got more coaching, joined another program, grew a social media following, got my tech and website set up online.

Had some small wins and huge losses. Procrastinated and lost belief in myself.

And then I felt like I was hiding again. Still living small, still living that lie.

Even after we feel like we want to quit, we simply must choose to believe in ourselves. One. More. Time. To keep going, to choose expansion and growth over fear.

Only then did the idea come to me to bridge my now deep and robust skills as a mindset coach, a digital entrepreneur, business strategist, and an actress into the Leading On-Camera Expert for Entrepreneurs that I'm known as today.

Being authentic, consistent, and showing up in a bigger way for myself and for you has now created my brand, shaped me into a full-time successful Entrepreneur, and the true leading lady of my own story - and I'm just getting started.

We all have a story of challenges we've overcome that have brought us to where we are now. My goal with Be Marvelous You is to help you tell yours, connect it with your offer, and share it with the world in an impactful, genuine way through the power of the lens.

Photography credit: Erika Edwards https://www.instagram.com/erika.arlee/

What is different about your brand? How can it help customers solve their issues?

I wanted a word that could encompass the way I desired to feel most of the time. Something that could grab the essence of an elegant strength...Marvelous. I began asking myself, does this make me feel Marvelous? Yes? Then do that. No? Then see if "no" is an option, and go with that.

I needed to create a simple process, so I could focus on becoming the version of me I wanted to be, and could then make the decisions that would support that version and ultimately bring me to the results I wanted to have.

Be Marvelous You aims to transform the entrepreneurs' fears of getting on video into their unique, charismatic, and captivating on-camera presence. It all begins with us working to break through those self-limiting beliefs; the ones holding us back from making a greater impact and better serving our audience.

It is imperative for entrepreneurs to show up as confident, certain, and authentic on camera, so that they can stand out amongst the sea of competition online. This is how they will create a magnetic brand and be able to effectively use attraction based marketing.

During this age of visual communication through social media, having the ability to connect through a lens is vital to the success of almost every business. Inside my coaching program "Captivate On Camera" I teach entrepreneurs how to break down the barriers that are keeping them from attaining that next level of growth and impact they are seeking.

Is there a way that you can help readers get started on their journey? What tips or help can you offer them?

Video is POWERFUL. It is able to help your audience get to know you, like you, and trust you faster than anything else. Because they can feel your energy! They get to experience who you are and what you're about in moments, instead of months.

The best part about this? It is a learned skill. People often mistake great camera presence as something you're born with, but it's not true. It's learning a new skill set, then practicing and implementing it into your business. Learn how to captivate your audience, and guide them in the way that they see you and hear you, and as a result want to be around you and work with you. Have the tenacity and perseverance to show up consistently to share your message; put in that work so people can trust you, and you can make a difference.

This is why I am offering a free video training series to help entrepreneurs get started on their video marketing journey; to learn this valuable skill set and discover how to become captivating on camera. In the same way that actors go to acting school, and boxers train before stepping into the ring, business owners and entrepreneurs need to train and learn how to show up authentically and powerfully on camera in order to turn that fear and frustration into their on-camera success.

Kellsie and David Moore, Great Wall of China, 2018

Were there any obstacles that stopped you as you created your new brand? What lessons did you learn?

Creating something new will always come with a multitude of obstacles and challenges. For me, even as a Millenial, learning the technical side of things was extremely difficult in the beginning. The thing is, once I overcame the tangible and external challenges that I believed were holding me back, I could see the real obstacle was my own perpetuated self-doubt. The challenge is working through our own self-limiting beliefs; those insecurities, wondering if people will really want to listen to us, if it will resonate with them in the same way that it stirs so deeply within you. This is a constant challenge that we face as entrepreneurs, because setbacks and failing to meet the goals we're aiming for is going to happen at some point along the way. Finding the strength in those moments, of identifying the truth that you've gotten to where you are because of the work, and because of the lessons you've learned in the setbacks, is encouraging and helpful in motivating you to keep going no matter what.

How do you reinvest in your business? Can you offer any advice to our readers?

In order to experience growth and success of your business, you must intentionally choose to invest in yourself as a person, and re-invest back into your business, so that you can continue to expand, grow, and reach higher success and greater impact. However, another priority I believe is important, is to intentionally give back along the way. My parents always demonstrated to me the importance of generosity and stewardship, even when you don't have much to give.The act of paying it forward will always not only feel good, but will serve the greater purpose of helping others and lifting each other up. A few of the causes that are near and dear to my heart are Polaris in the fight against Human Trafficking, Charity Water, and my sister's non-profit organization, Geeks of Grandeur, in support of hospitalized children. When we earn more, we have more to give and the ability to affect greater positive change for the world we want to create.

Kellsie and David Moore, France, 2017
"Explore the World, Expand Your Mind, Empower Your Life" - Kellsie Moore

Tell us your future vision about the brand. How far do you want to take it? Are you looking to expand your business into other areas or grow it in other ways?

I want to take it all the way! I'll be adding in more coaching programs, private client work, red carpet retreats and events when it's prudent to do so. I also plan to have my company support film productions in the future to share narratives I'm passionate about.

We know that the digital world is constantly evolving and will continue to increase the value of video marketing. Our platforms and our algorithms are telling us that. If anything, COVID-19 has accelerated our transition to largely digital messaging. My hope is to continue supporting business owners and entrepreneurs bring this important aspect of their growth to the forefront of their businesses and really utilize it to expand their horizons. When I started incorporating IGTV's into my social media plan that's when I saw massive growth, and my work went from being a hobby to an actual business. I'm here to help others do the same.

This has been a fascinating interview. You're big on being positive, self-assured, and motivated. How can people take what they've read and expand on this?

Thank you! You can give so much more of who you are, of your energy, help, love, support, and finances when you are in a state of overflow. So, choose yourself first. Make a decision to commit to creating the joy filled vision you have and then every step along the way, simply ask "is this the next right best step for me?" Once you give up the comfort of your own excuses based on what you think you "should" do to make others happy, your path will begin to unfold in front of you.

I took a step away from the life I knew I did not want, and I took a step towards the future I wanted for myself - I chose to believe in myself. After taking that first step of googling how to be an actor (even as an adult in a tertiary market), a snowball effect of inner motivation and strength evolved inside of me and moved me forward with each intentional decision I chose to make thereafter. Something that has always impacted me is Newton's first law of motion, which teaches us that "an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion." I have experienced this truth in my own life, as I continued to take steps inching bit by bit towards my goals. That google search snowballed into my acting career and becoming the on-camera coach for entrepreneurs.

I encourage you to silence the fears of judgement inside of you; the worries of what other people will say, and that fear or failure, because the truth of the matter is that people will have opinions about you regardless of what choices you make. And you can't get to where you're going without failure, without trying, learning and experimenting. The thing to know is that each experience that feels like a setback is a setup for you to learn something new; something that serves you and teaches you what to do to get to that next level. This is how we evolve into that next version of ourselves we need to be on our journey.

My advice is to take that first step. Take control over your life and be bold in your pursuit to achieve your goals. You will get there if you continue to show up for yourself despite the drawbacks and the learning curve. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, people and resources readily accessible to you that will serve you and help you in this journey of business and entrepreneurship. Don't be afraid. Ask for help when you need it. Every coach has had a coach, no one walks into the ring without training, and no one gets to success without failure first. Life is going to have risks no matter what path we take, so you might as well choose to walk on the path you actually want.

- Kellsie Moore

Kellsie and David Moore, France, 2017

"You are the hero of your own story, and because of what you've gone through and experienced, you are now the guide to help others, so they too can be the hero of their own journey. You have to show up and help light the way for them."

-Kellsie Moore

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