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How Businesses Convert More Customers Using Video

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

How Businesses Convert More Customers Using Video

Actress and Video Presence Coach Kellsie Moore launches a new online class to help busy entrepreneurs find greater authenticity and increase conversions. 

 June 8, 2020—Denver, Colorado: Captivate on Camera is an all-new online video marketing course for entrepreneurs now available by actress and video presence coach Kellsie Moore. Moore’s expertise lies in helping business owners find their authentic voice, and then show up confident on camera to captivate the audience with the power of their message as the focal point. 

With the demand for video content on the rise and video marketers obtaining 66% more qualified leads per year (Optinmonster, 2019), video marketing is a digital tool that business owners can no longer afford to overlook. The current conditions of the coronavirus global pandemic have driven more businesses and consumers online as a necessity, and the obstacles to using video effectively are real. Many business owners try unsuccessfully to navigate the road to video alone, but find it to be painful and confusing. Moore helps business owners craft their unique message in a way that creates a powerful and authentic connection to their audience. Her training helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd and become a magnetic brand using video. 

“Imagine being excited to get on camera and record a video for your business,” shares Moore. “This is how you are going to feel after completing the Captivate on Camera program.”

As a special offer and introduction to video marketing, Moore has prepared a FREE four-part video training series called The Entrepreneur's On-Camera Cure. This free introduction will help early-stage entrepreneurs truly understand the importance of clear, authentic messaging and outline how businesses convert more customers using video. The Entrepreneur’s On-Camera Cure is a great primer for those completely new to digital and video marketing. It will lead to the Captivate on Camera course, which consists of five seasons (or modules) each with four to six episodes-lessons. Start with the free introduction or register now for Captivate on Camera at kellsiemoore.com/captivate-on-camera-course.

About Kellsie Moore
Kellsie Moore is an Actress and Video Presence Coach for high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs; helping them look, sound, and FEEL great on-camera. Everything she coaches stems from a personal development perspective to help her clients become more natural, comfortable, charismatic and confident in front of the lens to make the impact they desire and finally enjoy doing video! For more information or to get in touch, visit www.kellsiemoore.com

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