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personal development Feb 11, 2021


Such a big and scary word that we usually have a negative connotation with it, but fear is really just a survival mechanism our bodies have to keep us alive. It’s a natural emotion that will always be there, especially when we are about to do something outside of our comfort zone.

We can use this fear to our benefit, not just to keep us alive but to help us expand, as something that can guide us in our decisions, by showing us the potential dangers that we can come across.  

When we see it as a friend and even a guide, we can 👉 plan, 👉 prepare AND 👉 recognize it as alerting us that we may be ✨ growing, ✨ changing, ✨ expanding, and then choose to move towards it, move through the fear

Because what really matters most, is HOW we react and deal with it. 🙌

Fear can be a great passenger seat buddy and let it alert us to potential threats and harms. BUT if we let it tell ourselves “No, I can’t do this”, then it’s like giving it the power to drive our life. But if we choose to see and acknowledge the fear, and “shush it” then see the direction of growth it’s showing us, we will have the courage to move past it. 

Fear can be our friend. We can let it guide us but we must NOT let it...

❌ limit us

❌ dictate us and 

❌ drive our lives. 

INSTEAD, we must…

✅ see it

✅ recognize it 

✅ choose to move through it. 


Pick 1 desire and take baby steps toward it.

Let’s ask ourselves..

🤔 What actually do I jump out of bed for?

🤔 What do I actually love and makes me feel excited about life?

🤔 What do I want to do with my time?

Then that’s when you will realize your VISION and every time you DECIDE to work towards your vision, you move through that fear. 

📌 PS. If you are someone who ALWAYS doubts your accomplishments, talents, skills and gets stuck in second-guessing → that’s definitely going to hold you back from reaching your goals and dreams. 

As entrepreneurs, we almost ALL hear that “inner critic voice” that tells us that we are not good enough to start or even continue or grow our business. It can make us feel unworthy and alone, not realizing that nearly EVERYONE faces this challenge. 

☝️ Don’t let your inner critic get in your way of building the business of your dreams.

⚡️ Believe that you CAN do it and that you are CAPABLE.




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