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Did You Ever Go to the Parade of Homes?

personal development Feb 26, 2021

Did you ever go to the Parade of Homes?🏘  That row of new houses that you could walk through and see if it was the style you wanted or not? Well, when I was in highschool, my mom did some interior design work and she set me up to work at these open houses during the summer and I would sell the furniture and decor to the people on these tours! 

It was all about envisioning the type of people that would be living in this home and creating the style that they would love. Then as they came in, what experience they would have as they walked through it, could they see themselves living there? What would it be like to have these sconces on their walls? Is this couch the right vibe for the buyer? Etc. It was about making it RELATABLE to them, their needs, their vision and making it a true customer journey. 

We might not be walking through a house together now, but the principles are all the same. Our ✔️social media, ✔️website, ✔️sales pages, ✔️free trainings, ✔️offers, ✔️programs, ✔️coaching are all about serving the client in the best way possible.

Creating that 👉 JOURNEY and 👉 EXPERIENCE for them to see if this is the right offer/home, training or decor for them. If not, no problem, they can move onto the next house, but if it feels like what they’re looking for and they’re interested, it becomes our job to help create that ✨ CONNECTION and ✨ SOLUTION for them. 

☝️ Remember that if they’re already on your page, or touring this parade home, they are actively looking for the solution that you provide, don’t be afraid to have the sales conversation offering them the opportunity to take the decor home with them if they want it. 

Hopefully you get my metaphor here. 😉💓 

📸 by @rougeshutterphotography ⁠

Are you making those moves toward the kind of life you want to live in the next 5 years?


Are you choosing to stay in a job you have been working for the past 10 years because it’s easy and it feels safe?

⁠It is never too late to ⚡️RE-DIRECT your course of action, to ⚡️CHASE after your passions, and ⚡️CREATE that life you truly desire for yourself because it is a 👉CHOICE that we get to make for ourselves each and every day. ⁠

⁠So I encourage you to...

🙌 Take ownership of your life

🙌 Be present in your life, 

🙌 Choose what you want every single day 

🙌 Reach those goals 

🙌 Achieve that dream 

Make this year a year of transformation and self growth. Make this year YOUR year!

PS. Also sharing with you my favorite quote from Albert Einstein.🤗


👉 If we SEE👀  it and VISUALIZE👁  it then we know that it is POSSIBLE🙌  for us and we become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT💪 in creating that future.




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