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Did You Celebrate?

personal development Feb 19, 2021

WOOO, tomorrow is FRI-YAY! 💃💃💃

JK I love all the days 🤗

Honestly, Mondays are probably my favorite because it feels like such a fresh start each week! But I've also recently started to take intentional rest time on weekends to unplug and it has been flipping awesome!

BUT before we jump into the weekend feels and plans…

✅ have you crossed things off from your checklist? 

📃 have you done a recap of your week? 

🙌what are you proud of, that moved you forward and towards your goal?

🎉 what is your celebration? 

We need to celebrate even our SMALLEST accomplishments to close the mental loop in our brain to know we achieved something, otherwise we can get trapped in the loop of never feeling like we did enough. We can train ourselves to feel like we’re always working and trying to grow but we’re not there yet... and get stuck in the loop, of never “good enough.” 🙍

So we MUST celebrate these small wins because it can lead us to increase our motivation, see and track our progress and most IMPORTANTLY, build self-confidence and the ability to trust in ourselves. It gives us that emotional BOOST

And everytime we do what we say we’re going to do, it makes us BELIEVE in our own goals and we feel that validation about ourselves that we CAN and WILL succeed. 

YES, those little things ADD UP to major accomplishments!

AND it’s when we accomplish something & acknowledge it we set ourselves up to be ready to do the next thing. 👊👊👊





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