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FREE GIFT: 3 Secrets To Unlock Your Magic On Camera

Conquer Camera Phobia to Maximize Your Audience Reach

I am so excited to announce that I am a guest speaker for a 100% FREE NEW online series for camera-shy entrepreneurs!

As you can see, this one is INCREDIBLY on-brand for me. Starting on June 28th, 2021, you are invited to join me for the:

Entrepreneur Camara Confidence Summit
Conquer Camera Phobia to Maximize Your Audience Reach

Listen, I’m going to give it to you straight.

People are  79% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

Deep down inside do you have a desire to be seen, heard, and to make an impact?

…but you’re scared to be online?
…scared to be judged, humiliated, or shamed?

If you’re holding yourself back from revealing who you are, where else are you holding yourself back from in life?
Think of what else HIDING is costing you.

You’re not alone. So many people feel disempowered when they face a camera. They judge themselves too harshly and become too critical of their appearance, their voice, their image.

But here’s the bottom line…

…there are key things you can do to be more confident, look great in the media, step into your power, and shine!

Just imagine how much more money you’d make if you stopped holding yourself back?

When you break through camera phobia - amazing things start to happen! 
You start to break through in other areas of your life where you’ve been stuck.
So here’s what I’m going to do! 


You’ll join myself and top photographers, videographers, influencers, and experts, who will help you access the right tools, techniques, and insights to conquer camera phobia and gain the confidence and freedom to get your message to your audience.
Here is what you can expect from this 100% FREE 21-day training:

  • Learn how to expand your reach with online media.
  • Get tips from top experts on how to take high quality photos and videos.
  • Discover how pro’s drop fear and insecurities to step into camera confidence…quickly!
  • Break through the negative self-talk and learn how to embrace yourself so that you can shine!

…and so, so much more!

So, are you ready to drop your self-imposed restrictions once and for all… and see what you’re capable of?
The truth is that there’s no real rule book on how to be successful, but until you’re willing to be seen, you’ll never get to where you dream of going in your business…and your life!


To your success!

xo, kellsie
P.S. Be sure to get your hands on your free ticket ASAP before they’re all gone! Hurry and grab your free ticket here now!




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