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Captivate on Camera: Do you Connect Authentically with Your Audience?

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

Authenticity seems to be the word of the year when it comes to entrepreneurship, but how do you show up authentically when you feel nothing but awkward on camera? Making emotional connections with your audience is vital. So, how do you present yourself in a manner that both represents you and your brand in a natural way and gets your message across?

Lady Kellsie Moore understands your challenge. She helps those driven to connect with their target audience better. When it comes to the camera, some people have a natural gift and charisma, but for the rest of us, the idea of being front and center on camera causes people to freeze up.

Today, she helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs reach the people most important to their business in a comfortable, natural way. It’s not as simple as turning on your camera, but she’s got some great strategies to get you started.

One key aspect of her program is in helping business owners match their inner version of why they’re doing something, to showcasing that in a comfortable, approachable manner. When you know why you’re doing something and are in alignment with your values, it makes it much easier. Also, with experience in acting, she’s learned how to bring out the best in people in ways that connect.

She focuses on storytelling methods, allowing her clients to resonate with their customers the right way. With confidence in what you’re saying and how you’re presenting it, your marketing plan will fall into place and work more effectively.

Kellsie’s past is one that draws on multiple experiences and led her to act, then coach. In fact, after a difficult situation, she found herself getting out of a job that drained her and fell into a lead role in a film. Her time on a Stephen King Dollar Babies indie film lasted six months and gave her another avenue to consider. Instead, she went back to her previous career until she realized it wouldn’t work for her anymore. She needed a healthier option that wouldn’t take so much from her.

Fast forward to a random twist, and once again she was catapulted in a new direction. Over time, acting became a larger role in her life as she filmed multiple mediums: commercials, films, and other industrial footage.

While she enjoyed the process, it wasn’t until she started coaching others that she knew something felt right. It came naturally to her, and the process of helping others connect with their stories made her heart sing. She’d found her calling, and one that finally clicked and told her she was in the right field of work.

Today, she uses her training and experience to guide entrepreneurs to find new ways to reach their audience authentically that not only helps their business grow but also builds better trust with them. So many people she’s worked with have beliefs that hold them back, and by working with them to break through these barriers, they’re able to move forward and take their business to the next level.

You can learn more about her on-camera coaching program Captivate on Camera at her website. While there, also be sure to grab a checklist and sneak peek into her course via her special free offer, “Be Confident Boot Camp.”


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