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Beautiful Disconnection

personal development Jan 29, 2021

A lot of entrepreneurs talk about one of their top goals as having a life you don’t need to take a vacation from. I love that, I get that and I do agree, but let’s dig into this. I also believe that it is imperative to still create ✔️ SPACE, ✔️ INTENTIONAL DISCONNECTION, and ✔️ BREAKS from the pattern. I believe that we should still have time for solace, quiet, rejuvenation that involve not working at all AND be able to go on working trips because you can work from anywhere.

Being in a toxic 8-10 hour /day job that drains you and exhausts you😣, makes you despise it😖, resent it😫 and you feel like you're poisoning yourself every...single...day😵. This was the feeling that I felt for years in my previous jobs and I always felt like I needed a vacation to ESCAPE from my regular life. 

☝️ BUT this escape is so much different from peaceful times of reflection and rejuvenation. During our Mexico trip last Dec., I didn’t want to spend my time at such a beautiful place staring at a screen 📵. I was barely on my phone (just popped in to post some stories that I wanted to share with you), I didn’t even want to go film stuff and I really didn’t want to open my computer. I just wanted it to be quiet 🤫, I wanted to listen👂to receive 🤲  and just be in the moment 🙏. I was so FULLY PRESENT to being there with myself, hubs, the nature surrounding us and our experience. The whole thing was so calm and it felt AMAZING!!🤗

Our trip was chill and quick and a lovely change of scenery and pace. It was a time to rest, reset and be aware of how important and valuable those moments are. We have to build that in with intention. Going on these trips doesn’t mean you want to take a vacation from life, it means that we’re just giving ourselves some BEAUTIFUL DISCONNECTION.💓

👉 REMEMBER that our daily environment MATTERS immensely because it’s what we’re CONSTANTLY IN. While having a little break like a quick getaway or a short trip feels really nice, that’s not going to be something that rescues you from something that you want to have that break from because it’s not long term.

It’s our RESPONSIBILITY to make our current situation as UPLIFTING and SUPPORTIVE of an environment as we can. For me, one of the ways I do this is that I PAY ATTENTION to what I love when we do travel. I take note of the ✨ pieces, ✨ aspects, ✨ design, ✨ feeling, ✨ scents. Anything that stands out as feeling magical, that brings joy, that can be of benefit and that can have a massive impact on me. Then, I make an INTENTIONAL effort to bring those aspects into my daily regular life. 

How about you?

What’s something that you do to make your daily environment inspiring?




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