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Are You Camera Ready? Lady Kellsie Moore Shows Entrepreneurs How to Authentically Connect with Their Audience

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

Digging into business comes easy for driven entrepreneurs, but when it comes to putting their best face forward in front of a camera, many are lost. That’s where Lady Kellsie Moore of Be Marvelous You comes in. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaching them to create authentic connections with their audience while getting their message out to the world.

Charisma may come naturally to some, while others stiffen up like a board, unable to present their business confidence in a way that reaches their target audience. Instead of projecting their value and unique talent, they freeze up and lose sight of the message they’d hoped to share.

Kellsie helps business owners strategically map out a plan that helps their inner vision match what they’re showing and telling their audience. As an actress and on-camera coach, she understands how to bring out the best in people to help them showcase their authentic selves in a way that connects with their viewers.

Using storytelling methods via video is a great way for her clients to express themselves to their target audience. She loves helping entrepreneurs bring their vision front and center in a way that resonates with their audience.

For a lot of people, this doesn’t come naturally. Thankfully, it can be learned. She teaches her clients how to find their authentic voice and how to master their on-camera presence. With this natural confidence coming through, your marketing plan becomes more effective.

She didn’t start her career acting. It came about in an unusual manner, but fate had a hand in starting her off right. Before she realized what was happening, she’d booked a lead role and spent six months filming a Stephen King Dollar Babies indie film on weekends. While it was an interesting twist in her career, she ended up going back to the type of job she’d had prior. It didn’t feel right. She knew something had to change — again. In another random twist, she was given an opportunity in a new direction. She leaped at the change.

Acting became a piece of her life. She took roles in commercials, films, and industrials, but it was her work in a local studio as an acting coach that sang to her. She knew she could help others connect to their stories and reach out to their audiences. She’d use her training and experience in a new way, a way that felt right. Something clicked. Suddenly, her vision grew clearer. It was a path she was meant to be on.

By helping others find confidence in front of the camera, she helps them move beyond self-limiting beliefs. Authenticity is vital when it comes to magnetic appeal. Inside her coaching program “Captivate on Camera” Kellsie teaches entrepreneurs how to break down the barriers so they can get to their next level of growth. If you’d like to learn more about Lady Kellsie Moore and her On-Camera Coaching, you can find her at KellsieMoore.com.

Also, you’ll want to check out her latest “The Be Confident Bootcamp” which will put you on a path to success. Be sure to pick up her handy free checklist which is a sneak preview of the course here!


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