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Actress and Coach Kellsie Moore on How Video Can Transform Your Business

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

Kellsie Moore is an actress and Video Presence Coach who is helping entrepreneurs craft authentic videos with a unique message by training them to become more natural, comfortable, charismatic, and confident on camera.

 Kellsie Moore is an Actress and Video Presence Coach for high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs; helping them look, sound and FEEL great on-camera. She helps business owners craft their unique message in a way that creates a powerful and authentic connection to their audience through video, so they can stand out from the crowd and become a magnetic brand. Everything she coaches stems from a personal development perspective to help her clients become more natural, comfortable, charismatic, and confident in front of the lens to make the impact they desire and finally enjoy doing video! 


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Kellsie grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota until High School where she moved to Loveland, Colorado. The idea of being an entrepreneur or actress, let alone both, never seemed like a real possibility. During college, she was a member of the President’s Leadership Program which introduced her to volunteering at a local Correctional Facility, and then after graduating, she took a job as a GED and hireability teacher at a sister facility in Denver, CO. 

 After a few years working in the corrections system, she had a realization that this was not the future she wanted for herself, that she was meant for something different. 

 That yearning pull of freedom and choice of creating her own future had always gnawed at her, but she didn’t know anything about starting or running a business. It was an arduous journey, but over the next five years, she began focusing on pursuing, learning, and growing her passions. 

 Acting made her feel alive, so she began taking acting classes, training professionally and became represented in multiple regions for Film and TV. She dove into personal development, growth mindset, and developing inner strength while becoming successful at coaching, building an online business, strategy, and digital marketing.

 As the years unfolded, she finally had the powerful realization that to truly serve her desired audience, she needed to niche down and merge these three components together where she now coaches entrepreneurs to be their best self on-camera to authentically connect with their audience, share their story, make a greater impact and turn conversations into conversions. 

 An audience usually only sees the end result, or at least the middle, after dozens of iterations and years of growing pains, failures and slow progress has occurred. The outside view so often thinks that it must have been easy for them because the outcome is now visible and therefore seems obvious. But that’s simply not the truth. Nearly everyone faces the debilitating self-doubts, extreme challenges, and obstacles to work through. 

 “My goal with Be Marvelous You is to help you tell your story, connect it with your offer, and share it with the world in an impactful, genuine way, through the power of the lens.” - Kellsie Moore

 Kellsie works to make a difference using the camera lens because video shares the energy behind a story, not just the story itself. And for entrepreneurs, being compelling on camera creates a competitive edge for them with attraction based marketing. 

Her future plans are to continue with new coaching programs, limited private client work, red carpet retreats, and events to continue to grow and expand the brand and to eventually have the company support film production that Kellsie is passionate about creating.  

Free Video Training: http://bit.ly/cameracurevideoseries

“It’s estimated that by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads (Cisco, 2019).” - Video statistics: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/video-marketing-statistics

 Company name: Kellsie Moore with Be Marvelous You
Email Address:   [email protected]
Website URL:      www.kellsiemoore.com/

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