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The Intention We Set Right Now for Our Future Matters!

personal development Feb 26, 2021

📸  by @erika.arlee 

When you look into your future for 2021, what do you see? ⁠👀

Your answer right now might not be the same as last year, but that is OK! It is absolutely normal for us to be going through this. What matters is the INTENTION we set right now for the future we want to have and the ACTIONS we take to create it. Setting this intention is the first step then taking the aligned action required to move towards your desired goal must follow. ⁠

👉 We need to LET GO of the expectations we had in the past, the results that didn’t turn out exactly how we had planned, so that we can fully step into our future, and the one we envision for ourselves. It is through these that we grow, learn and be better. We either get the result we wanted or the lesson we needed. 

📌 Remember that everything we are facing is helping us move to that NEXT STEP of our ⁠journey; it is helping us become the STRONGER version of ourselves that we will need to be to overcome the challenges that come our way. ⁠

⁠Look forward to the unfolding and take action in creating the life you desperately desire for yourself...it is coming!!🙌

We are the CO-CREATOR in our lives and we are the lead in this story. So follow that ⚡️DREAM, the ⚡️DESIRE, the ⚡️CURIOSITY and the ⚡️EXCITEMENT that something brings us and see the life we want begin to unfold before us.

AND be diligent in our actions toward our 💫 VISION so that we may be ready to receive it when it shows up.

🥂 Cheers to a whole new year of opportunity, self-discovery and personal growth! ⁠




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