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The best way for entrepreneurs to make money online

kajabi May 17, 2024

How is Kajabi the Best Choice for Digital Creators and Entrepreneurs?


Many online entrepreneurs, digital course creators and online coaches find managing an online education business very complex. These include many websites, landing pages and courses to be managed as well as email marketing, membership sites and virtual events among others. This is why there must be a single tool that combines all the necessary functionality required for this purpose.

Kajabi is the market leader specifically build to meet this requirement. It is created with a view of catering for education based business through seamless integration of its features such as website building, course creation, email marketing and communities.

Thus using Kajabi’s all-in-one platform provides entrepreneurs with a chance to control their whole activities in one place leading to much higher efficiency levels, productivity rates and finally growth of the business.

Key Features of Kajabi:

Kajabi consolidates a robust array of features onto a single platform to help entrepreneurs masterfully manage and grow their online education business including:

Comprehensive Course Building and Hosting

Kajabi makes it simple for entrepreneurs to create polished, professional online courses with its user-friendly course builder.

Its mistake-proof editor allows easily:

  • Organizing content into modules and lessons

  • Uploading videos, PDFs, audio files, quizzes and other files

  • Custom branding courses with colors, logos and themes

  • Inserting engagements elements like badges, certifications and rewards

Additional capabilities like bulk upload, global search & replace, and multi-language support further boost course creation efficiency.

Kajabi also handles reliable and secure course hosting and delivery across web and mobile applications. Custom domain names can be configured for a branded experience.

Website and Landing Page Builder

Kajabi provides an integrated website builder to create customized sites that reinforce your brand and offerings. Multiple templates, themes and blocks make it easy to quickly build pages without any coding.

The platform also enables optimizing high-converting landing pages using its visual editor, templates and split testing capabilities. Pages can showcase promotional offers, launch new products, capture leads via forms, and more.

Email Marketing and CRM

Kajabi’s email marketing engine helps engage your audience and nurture relationships over time to boost conversions and retention.

Easily design & send beautiful broadcast emails or create automated sequences targeted to subscriber behaviors and preferences. Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes to refine your approach.

The integrated CRM provides a unified 360-degree view of your contacts and includes insightful reports on subscriber engagement and trends over time.

Video Hosting and Live Streaming

Kajabi simplifies video hosting for online education businesses by enabling entrepreneurs to upload unlimited videos directly onto the Kajabi platform. This eliminates the need for any external third-party video hosting providers.

Kajabi offers live streaming to engage your audience in real-time video sessions. Easily go live or schedule upcoming events and webinars. Interactive elements like integrated chat, polls and Q&A functionality boosts viewer participation and satisfaction.

This combination of simplified video hosting and built-in live streaming capabilities provides a seamless experience for entrepreneurs to share visual content that educates, informs and converts site visitors into loyal customers.

Podcast Hosting

Kajabi enables entrepreneurs to easily record and publish podcasts directly within the platform itself to establish thought leadership and expand reach.

Once a podcast is created, Kajabi automatically distributes the show to all major podcast directories including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. This eliminates the need for any manual submissions to each platform separately.

By handling hosting and wide distribution, Kajabi provides a simplified, integrated experience to create and share podcasts. Entrepreneurs can focus on producing compelling audio content while leveraging the platform's built-in capabilities to maximize listenership.

According to industry research, podcasting represents one of the most accessible and discoverable mediums for creators to engage their audience and boost brand visibility.

Communities and Social Learning

Foster deeper connections and facilitate discussions between your members with Kajabi’s communities feature. Students can interact via posts, share resources, provide support and more.

Seamlessly sync your Facebook ads to your Kajabi for accurate tracking and simplified management.

With its comprehensive features cohesively integrated on one platform, Kajabi delivers unprecedented efficiency and a streamlined experience for entrepreneurs to manage their online education business end-to-end.

Why Kajabi Stands Out? What makes Kajabi the best place for entrepreneurs to make money online?

While alternatives like website builders, course platforms or marketing tools may address parts of an online business, none offer an integrated solution tailored specifically for education and coaching ventures.

Kajabi was conceived and designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs monetizing their knowledge online. Its education-first focus combined with its all-in-one model for both creation and marketing provides unmatched value:

  • Education-Specific Design Kajabi is purpose-built for selling online courses, memberships and coaching services. From its course builder to checkout flows, the platform is designed for student conversion, engagement and retention.

  • End-to-End Solution With its integrated feature set, Kajabi replaces the need for multiple specialized software tools. Entrepreneurs can conveniently administer their entire business through one interface.

  • Hassle-Free Technology As a cloud platform, Kajabi handles the hosting, compliance, security, maintenance and updates. This allows focusing time on content creation instead of technical issues.

  • Continuous Evolution New features and updates are continuously added based on direct customer feedback to address the latest education business needs.

  • Simplified Scaling Easily add new course offerings, website pages, email automations and functionality as your online business and audience grows over time.

Kajabi’s unmatched blend of education-specific design, end-to-end functionality and simplified technology in an all-in-one platform delivers tremendous upside for online entrepreneurs.

Benefits for Online Entrepreneurs, Digital Course Creators, and Online Coaches

By leveraging Kajabi’s comprehensive all-in-one platform, online education businesses unlock a multitude of transformational benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

  • Consolidate Disparate Tools: Eliminate constantly switching between standalone tools for course building, email, communities etc. Manage entire business from one interface.

  • Automate Administrative Tasks: Scheduling and sending email sequences, managing affiliates etc can all be automated to focus energy on content creation vs operations. Full CRM with detailed segmenting, tagging, and list building. 

  • Faster Launch Speed: Quickly set up professional website, landing pages, courses and marketing flows with Kajabi’s intuitive builders to accelerate time-to-revenue.

  • Education-Specific: Purpose-built features for course businesses like student portals, certificates, discussion forums further boost productivity.

Improved Conversion Rates & Retention

  • Immersive Learning: Combine videos, PDFs, audio, quizzes, coaching sessions into one seamless learning portal for higher engagement and satisfaction.

  • Data-Driven Refinement: Granular visibility into student behavior via Kajabi’s integrated analytics and CRM uncovers refinements to maximize conversion rates.

  • Communities: Connect students together to share progress, resources and insights for richer experience leading to higher renewal rates.

Enhanced Brand Visibility & Credibility

  • Showcase Expertise: Websites, landing pages, online courses and blogs highlight knowledge and capabilities.

  • Promote Offers: Flexible promotional options via landing pages, email campaigns, affiliate programs amplifies reach.

  • Boost Authority: Prominently display certifications, testimonials and press mentions builds credibility.

  • Lead Generation: Convert more visitors into leads for sales using landing pages and lead capture forms.

Greater Flexibility & Scalability

  • Modular Approach: Add new course topics, website pages, email automations and integrations in a plug-and-play fashion.

  • Mobile Access: Native iOS and Android apps enable accessing courses and content on-the-go.

  • Expand Storage & Bandwidth: Upgrade storage and bandwidth allotments as catalog, traffic and audience size grows.

  • White Label Options: Custom branding, subdomains and instructor assignments provide flexibility to scale your education company.

Better Integrations & Automations

  • Zapier: Connect and automate workflows between hundreds of popular software tools.

  • API: Leverage Kajabi’s API and webhooks to easily fetch data and build custom platforms.

  • Code Snippets: Enhance site behavior by adding custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript code.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kajabi free to use?

No, Kajabi is a paid software platform. They offer monthly subscription plans starting at $119/month for the Basic plan. More advanced plans with additional features, storage space and revenue potential range from $159-$319/month.

Is it worth it?

Yep! Kajabi has been the lifeline for my business for the past several years. It is significantly less expensive than piecing all these services together through individual platforms.  

Kajabi does provide a 14-day free trial to explore the platform but when you sign up here through my partner link, you get 30 days free!


Can I make money on Kajabi?

Yes, online entrepreneurs use Kajabi to make money by selling digital products like online courses, memberships, coaching services and more.

So it serves as the technology platform as well as the online engine to sell your offerings, generate revenue and scale your online education business.


Is Kajabi only for courses?

Nope! While Kajabi is extremely popular for selling online courses, it can also be leveraged to sell other digital products. These include, memberships, coaching programs, online communities, virtual events, digital downloads and more.

So while courses represent the most common use case, entrepreneurs have flexibility to monetize their knowledge via other offerings as well, all hosted on Kajabi's platform.

It's everything you need, a true best-in-class, all-in-one solution for your complete business needs. 


Kajabi delivers tremendous advantages as the first truly all-in-one platform designed specifically for education and coaching businesses. With its integrated suite of features, Kajabi simplifies day-to-day operations, boosts productivity, enhances credibility and enables online entrepreneurs to scale their impact.

Start your free 30-day trial of Kajabi here and experience the platform’s benefits yourself! This exclusive limited-time offer provides a risk-free opportunity to explore Kajabi’s transformative capabilities firsthand for your online education business.

Kajabi is hands down the best platform for creators to make money online, you'll see why as soon as you get started with your free trial.


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