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Something that Can Guide You When Filming a Video

video coaching Feb 12, 2021

You may sometimes stand in front of your camera and feel that you're 100% ready and that you know everything you're about to say. Then when you hit record, you suddenly forget everything. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here's something that you can use when filming a video.


Having the right notes can guide and help you make an impactful video.

AND here's what you should write on those sticky little helpers:

Your top 3 points

>> why are you making this video?

>> know the point of the conversation 

>> info that you don’t innately know (like stats, numbers)


Your ideal client's name at the top of the sticky note to keep them front of mind

>> when you remember who you're talking to and who you’re delivering your message to and the value in the conversation with that person, it will be 10x easier for you to show up.

>>  you will have the right kind of energy that will help you connect on a more powerful level if you know that you're speaking directly to that person.

>> think of that camera lens as a window/portal to energetically connect with that person, to transport ourselves & our experiences from yourself, to your audience.

👉AND remember to put your sticky note just below the lens where you can see it without moving your eyes that much. 


📌 PS. Just in case you need this reminder today...

🍀 LUCK is where opportunity and preparation meet. And we have the POWER to create that luck for ourselves.

The more we ✔️ PREPARE for it, ✔️ say YES to it, ✔️ WORK for it and ✔️ MOVE toward it, the more it will FIND us.





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