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FREE GIFT: 3 Secrets To Unlock Your Magic On Camera

How to finally become visible online

There are SO many incredible, free trainings that can help you uplevel, support you and give you the guidance you're looking for. One of my favorite parts about these speaking summits/events etc. is that they aren't sales pitches. They are insightful questions, answers, discussions, experiences, and knowledge being shared freely and it introduces you to either a new person or a deeper experience of a person and you can always take that next step to work with them if you would like because you've already been able to discover what they're about.

I hope you find these helpful and enjoyable!

Are you ready for your message to be seen and heard? 

But is the thought of ...

  • going live = scary?
  • being totally unedited and real = terrifying?
  • creating interesting content just a big question mark?
  • being consistent = exhausting?
  • sharing pictures of yourself makes your skin crawl? (you’re just seeing your flaws)

If you know you need to change this and you’re wondering what to do... 

Then this free event is for you…..

Join me and other experts on a totally business-changing event "Unlock Your Online Visibility - Interview Series" : "Leading experts reveal their secrets on how to be visible online and create results that you didn't see possible before"


Jessie Vo, the host of this Series is a Confidence & Image Coach. She felt ugly for most of her life - but didn’t let those insecurities stop her from being seen as a dancer, a stylist or a model agent - now, she wants to lead other women entrepreneurs to their power to show up confidently online! That’s why she has put together this incredible event.

You will get top experts to share their secrets, knowledge and success stories to get you out there!

If you are tired of small results because of hiding, making excuses, not knowing what to do or say on camera..

You need this!  

So JOIN US NOW to ensure you do not miss YOUR CHANCE to take this Online World on and lead you to your Success! http://bit.ly/kellsie-speaks

You will thank yourself for doing this! We are excited to see you there! 

With love,


Lady Kellsie Moore // The Video Performance Coach 

CEO & Founder 

Become Captivating On-Camera! 

@kellsie_moore   //  www.kellsiemoore.com


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The Entrepreneur's Camera Cure Video Training Series is FREE right now!

Especially during this Corona climate, it's simple - you MUST be using effective video right now to grow you business and reach new clients online. Want to learn how?