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Learn How You Can Work With Me!
Learn How You Can Work With Me!

Camera Ready Retreat

Are you ready to transform your camera presence and join me on this road to empowerment? Join me for my in-person camera ready retreat!

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The only program on the market that will teach you how to be irresistible on camera and authentically sell online. 



You Can Go From

Self-conscious, anxiety ridden and uncertain about what, where, how you should be utilizing video in your business, to being an ON-CAMERA ROCKSTAR and begin to see your business soar.

Just 3 Simple Steps

Camera Ready Retreat


I have designed everything that you need to know, do and have to bust through these limiting beliefs so you can thrive as your confident, best self on camera and truly connect in a personal way to your audience. With me as your guide in my camera ready retreat, we’ll work through the root cause of your video-phobia so your authentic self can still shine through — even when the camera starts rolling.

Camera Ready Retreat


With my guidance in the Camera Ready Retreat, we will practice the what you've learned to deepen your confidence, accept your unique self, and emulate your authenticity outwards on-camera. This training will eliminate that stress you experience before getting on camera, so you can eliminate those wasted hours of  re-recording. 

Camera Ready Retreat


Walk away from this Camera Ready Retreat with an ENTIRE YEAR of video content mapped out for you to use and designed for your own business. Having this plan laid out and ready to use will help your business explode in 2020. So all you need to do, is show up on camera as your authentic self, and begin utilizing the most powerful marketing tool in your business today. 

At The End of The Retreat....

1. More than enough content ideas for videos, either lives or pre-recorded
2. The knowledge of how to write your scripts and professionally deliver without needing to memorize everything
3. Updated branding and messaging for POWERFUL delivery
4. Three live videos filmed and ready to implement into your 2020 business plan
6. A professional head shot and professionally filmed VSL
7. A new found confidence and charisma on-camera



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