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Learn How You Can Work With Me!
Learn How You Can Work With Me!

Hosting An Event?

I would love to be considered as a guest speaker for your next live event! I help entrepreneurs look, sound and feel amazing on camera so they use video effectively in business to powerfully impact and inspire their audience for more connection and sales.

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Empowerment Speaking & Camera Coaching for Your Live Audience

Signature Talk: "From Fraud to Phoenix"

I spent nearly 4 years working as a teacher and then Case Manager in adult male corrections, and the darkness sunk its teeth into me. I fell into a black pit of depression, self hate, feeling worthless, angry and spiteful. I would find comfort and solace in great film and tv, seeing the characters move through obstacle after obstacle and wondering how they could ever possibly get free and reach their dreams and I would step into that suspension of disbelief and feel the win with them when they finally succeeded. I admired their bravery and I began to remember the power of story, the power of choice, the power of action, the power of love. Storytelling is perhaps one of the greatest gifts humans give to one another; we change lives through story, we comfort one another, find ourselves, relate, survive, pull through, feel connected, shift entire belief systems and cheer for the hero. The thing is though, you’re the hero of your story. You are the hero of your life. As a guest speaker for your next live event, my mission is to help you and your audience see just that. 

I remembered how much I loved acting in theater growing up, so as a 24 year old adult, in Denver, CO, I decided to get into film and tv acting, professionally. Crazy, right? Within two weeks I booked the lead role in an independent film and felt SO ALIVE that I dove in. Still living in a tertiary market, I do as much as I can. I am represented as an actress in two regions, audition all over the US, have been in dozens of commercials, industrials (internal videos, like what we do in our businesses!), independent films, and now regularly audition for network tv and Netflix. I’ve been a professional adult acting coach to successfully help others improve their craft, nail auditions and workshops as well as have written and directed my own projects. 

And now I am here to help guide you along your journey, to help you shine as the hero in your story so that you can reach and inspire and help those that need to watch your "movie.” As a guest speaker at your live event, I really want you to understand the importance of it. It’s time to show up and get seen, in a big way. I’m here as your guide, like the Yoda to your Skywalker, the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter like the trainer behind the scenes, the Aunt Antiope to Wonder Woman or Victor to Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality - to help you transform into the best version of you - on camera. 

But really, when we’re in person, I’m essentially the director there supporting you and guiding you as you make your choices, and online, I’m the “acting” coach helping improve your performance, your plan, delivery and execution. 

But over the past five years I haven’t just dived into acting, I’ve also become obsessed with online business. Learning everything I possibly can about marketing, becoming a digital CEO, trends, what works, and what converts. I learned facebook ads, social media, funnels, email marketing and all the things, which means I understand the challenges you are facing and the solutions you need. 

My focus as a guest speaker for your live event, is to get you and your audience feeling great on video so that you can impact as many people as possible, and this becomes easier when you have your brand vision mapped out with SOUL driven alignment. 

I started my business, “Be Marvelous You” as a life coach because discovering personal development completely changed my life. I went from that black pit of despair into a light filled designer and co-creator of my life with vision, purpose, passion, fire and love driving me. Everything I teach is founded in mindset because no one is a lost cause, no one is too introverted or too shy or too broken or too ANYTHING to heal, to inspire and to become seen and successful. 

And friend, to stand out online nowadays, you simply must be exceptional on video.

About Kellsie Moore

“You are the hero of your own story and because of that, because of what you’ve gone through and experienced, you are now the guide to help others, so they too can be the hero of their own journey. So you have to show up and help light the way for them.”

I want to teach you how to actually feel good on camera. I want you to be comfortable and confident on video: knowing what to say, what to talk about, how to deliver your message, how to move your body, how to look and dress and how to make sure that you actually do it.

Being on video is exhilarating and empowering! You feel free when the fears of being seen or judged no longer hold you back. I want to teach your audience as a guest speaker how to gain freedom from the fear of the camera. 

Workshop Leader for Live Events

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She Hustles Podcast

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The Small Business Radio Show

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Gift Biz Unwrapped

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Women's Entrepreneur Radio

Women's Entrepreneur Radio

Kellsie shares why video is a must for marketing online, and how to connect with your audience without coming across as fake or stiff.

Real Women in Business

 Real Women in       Business

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The Edge of Fear Podcast

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I Dream It, I Slay It Podcast

I Dream It,
I Slay It Podcast

On this podcast, Kellsie talks about how you can turn your passion into a business, by starting to choose your dream over anything else. 

Book Kellsie As a Guest Speaker For Your Next Live Event!

Send me an email at support@bemarvelousyou.com or book a call below to tell me about your event!

Book Kellsie For Your Event!
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Book Kellsie As a Guest Speaker For Your Next Live Event!

Send me an email at support@bemarvelousyou.com or book a call below to tell me about your event!