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Learn How You Can Work With Me!
Learn How You Can Work With Me!

Interested in 1:1 Camera Coaching?

My 1:1 Camera Coaching video marketing course is designed to help you be your most confident self in front of the camera. Get ready to go from camera shy to video star when it comes to being successful in front of the camera!

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What is Included in My 1:1 Camera Coaching?

I help entrepreneurs look, sound and feel amazing on camera so they use video effectively in business to powerfully impact and inspire their audience for more connection and sales.

When something feels terrible and you hate doing it, there’s a pretty darn huge chance that you won’t keep doing it. Not without a guide, without some encouragement, direction, feedback, love and support. What if you can feel, look, sound and BE great on video #3 instead of #50? You deserve to enjoy the experience and feel the massive freedom, and deep sense of empowerment that comes from confidently sharing your story in a way that profoundly impacts, inspires, and serves value to your audience. Video marketing wins and you do not need to suffer doing it. And why would you want to “JUST keep practicing” something you’re not improving at? We strive for more, we strive for excellence, for greatness. 

Video marketing makes you famous in your industry. Want customers that love you? Let them get to know you through the camera. My 1:1 Coaching typically includes 4 zoom calls in the course of 90 days. 


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Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs 

Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Self-Esteem & Your Business

In this Instagram training, Kellsie Moore interviews with Flourish Tribe all about self-esteem, health, healing and how this impacts how you show up in life, your business and on camera.

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Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Conversations Into Conversions

In this Facebook Live Interview with Kellsie Moore and Kamille Cawley, learn what being authentic in business really means and to have successful sales by never being sleazy!

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Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Your Individual Camera Charisma

In this Instagram training with Chris Harder (host of the "For the Love of Money" Podcast), learn how to get better on camera, and why "just practice" isn't the best advice.

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What Makes My Video Marketing Coaching Different?

You can google the best video content strategies, how to do video marketing, what equipment to buy - and yes I’ll help you with that too. But I help you FEEL great, look and sound and BE great in video because that is when it actually becomes effective, transforms people and creates a movement around your message. 

I have been in extremely high pressure filming situations in audition rooms, in acting classes and on set where the stakes are extremely high and there are no do-overs. I know what it feels like to have your heart pounding out of your chest so loudly the lav mic can hear it, to have sweaty palms, dry mouth and a twitchy face while you worry about how you look, how you sound, is your voice going to say it the way it sounded in your head. 

I used to be terrified to have a visible, public, promoted profile online where people could find me and judge me. What if something I said hurt someone I care about? What if the friends, family or even acquaintances in my life called me a fraud as I tried to show up as my real, true self in a bigger and visible way? What if my old clients from corrections found me online and trolled or came after me? What if complete strangers say mean things? What if I sound stupid or dumb or say something embarrassing or do it all wrong? 

I used to think, I don’t even really know what to say anyway, who am I to teach anything. No one will care what I have to say - why have the audacity to show my face and tell a story - who cares? 

I’ve felt all of that. I’ve heard the voice in the back of my head making fun of me. And I’ve chosen another way and experienced the transformative impact it has had on my own life and those that watch my videos and DM me deep gratitude for sharing. 

I will walk with you as you build the fortitude and choose courage to feel the fear move through it anyway. It’s time to be brave, get seen and step into your greatness. 

I spent nearly 4 years working as a teacher and then Case Manager in adult male corrections, and the darkness sunk its teeth into me. I fell into a black pit of depression, self hate, feeling worthless, angry and spiteful. I would find comfort and solace in great film and tv, seeing the characters move through obstacle after obstacle and wondering how they could ever possibly get free and reach their dreams and I would step into that suspension of disbelief and feel the win with them when they finally succeeded. I admired their bravery and I began to remember the power of story, the power of choice, the power of action, the power of love. Storytelling is perhaps one of the greatest gifts humans give to one another; we change lives through story, we comfort one another, find ourselves, relate, survive, pull through, feel connected, shift entire belief systems and cheer for the hero. The thing is though, you’re the hero of your story. You are the hero of your life. 

And so am I. I remembered how much I loved acting in theater growing up, so as a 24 year old adult, in Denver, CO, I decided to get into film and tv acting, professionally. Crazy, right? Within two weeks I booked the lead role in an independent film and felt SO ALIVE that I dove in. Still living in a tertiary market, I do as much as I can. I am represented as an actress in two regions, audition all over the US, have been in dozens of commercials, industrials (internal videos, like what we do in our businesses!), independent films, and now regularly audition for network tv and Netflix. I’ve been a professional adult acting coach to successfully help others improve their craft, nail auditions and workshops as well as have written and directed my own projects. 

And now I am here to help guide you along your journey, to help you shine as the hero in your story so that you can reach and inspire and help those that need to watch your "movie.” It’s time to show up and get seen, in a big way. I’m here as your guide, like the Yoda to your Skywalker, the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter like the trainer behind the scenes, the Aunt Antiope to Wonder Woman or Victor to Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality - to help you transform into the best version of you - on camera. 

But really, when we’re in person, I’m essentially the director there supporting you and guiding you as you make your choices, and online, I’m the “acting” coach helping improve your performance, your plan, delivery and execution. 

But over the past five years I haven’t just dived into acting, I’ve also become obsessed with online business. Learning everything I possibly can about marketing, becoming a digital CEO, trends, what works, and what converts. I learned facebook ads, social media, funnels, email marketing and all the things, which means I understand the challenges you are facing and the solutions you need. 

My focus is to get you feeling great on video so that you can impact as many people as possible, and this becomes easier when you have your brand vision mapped out with SOUL driven alignment. 

I started my business, “Be Marvelous You” as a life coach because discovering personal development completely changed my life. I went from that black pit of despair into a light filled designer and co-creator of my life with vision, purpose, passion, fire and love driving me. Everything I teach is founded in mindset because no one is a lost cause, no one is too introverted or too shy or too broken or too ANYTHING to heal, to inspire and to become seen and successful. 

And friend, to stand out online nowadays, you simply must be exceptional on video.

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