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Learn How You Can Work With Me!
Learn How You Can Work With Me!

Interested in Premium On-Camera Coaching?

To Captivate in Press Interviews, Stand Out on Social Media, and Build a Beloved Brand, being Excellent On-Camera is no longer optional! Charismatic video presence is now simply a MUST and that's what I'm the best in the world at. 

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Ready to Look, Sound, Feel and BE Great in your videos?

Then you're in the right place. 



Hear from some of Kellsie's Clients

"If you are thinking about working with Kellsie, it is a no-brainer....."

Listen to Chris Harder talk about how working with Kellsie was an amazing experience. 

Learn to use video effectively in business to powerfully impact and inspire your audience for more connection and sales.

When something feels terrible and you hate doing it, there’s a pretty darn good chance that you won’t keep doing it. Not without a guide, without some encouragement, direction, feedback, love and support. What if you can feel, look, sound and BE great on video take #3 instead of #50? You deserve to enjoy the experience and feel the massive freedom, and deep sense of empowerment that comes from confidently sharing your story in a way that profoundly impacts, inspires, and serves value to your audience.

Video marketing wins and you do not need to suffer doing it. And why would you want to “JUST keep practicing” something you’re not *actually improving at?

Together, we strive for better, we strive for excellence, for greatness. 

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Video Has Helped Me and My Clients...

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Be Featured In the Press

Because of my consistent, compelling social media content, I have attracted countless collaborations, over 30 podcast interviews, speaking events and Press articles. 

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Sell Out Retreats, Programs and Book Clients

Video trainings, socia media videos and guest speaking allows me to keep my calendar booked year round and sold out my VIP Camera Ready Retreat. 

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Create Passive Income 

Video SELLS. It converts higher than anything else and keeps working long after you do. A Youtube video of mine used to bring in ~$100/mo in 2018, it now creates ~$2,500/mo.  

And you can do this too! Mastering your on-camera presence and performance is one of the most versatile and monetizable skills you can learn. 

MARVELOUS ON CAMERA, Private, Premium coaching is for

high-performing 6 and 7 + figure entrepreneurs

that know being charismatic on camera

is critical for their success in Press interviews, social media channels,

their brand representation and perception.

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1) Most other video coaches...

Focus on the technical aspect, like equipment and editing, which can be useful for starting a YouTube channel, but that’s not you, you hire an editor. I can help you create your at-home filming “studio” or help you hire a crew, but either way, you don’t need to learn videographer skills - you need to learn how to be the on-screen talent of your business. 
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2) The other common side of video coaching

Comes from the hosting sector with a spokesperson background. That can be beneficial training if you’re leading a show for someone else’s brand, but since you’re here, you most likely are a personal brand or the face of your company. 
Or they come from a production background and may have worked on some very cool sets with great people, but from behind the scenes, not truly knowing, firsthand, the immense pressure of leading a story in front of the lens. 
You need to develop the skills to become authentically CHARISMATIC on-camera, to let your personable charm shine through. 
My approach comes from blending my years of experience as an online entrepreneur, digital marketer, and mindset coach with being a working actress with film, TV, commercial and industrial training as well as being an acting coach to other professionals. I help you do the "character" work to come alive as the lead in your video performance. 
Your presence has to carry the "show," captivate audiences and be compelling enough to be invited back. 
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3) Then there’s the people who opt-out...

Of any coaching and decide to wing it. It usually results in debilitating nerves that take practicing things you’re not even sure are working, around a few hundred times.
  • A 5-minute face-to-camera video takes you hours to create, when it should only take you 15 minutes
  • The result is stiff and robotic like a news anchor or like Ricky Bobby not knowing what to do with his hands
  • It can come out "over the top" too big or super awkward and fake feeling
  • Ever felt any of these? 
  • Or get stuck on what to talk about, your story and message, how your energy should be, your nonverbals, tonal delivery, style and marketing plan

...It's like the infomercials say, there's a better way!

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What Makes My Video Presence Coaching So Different?


You can google the best video content strategies, how to do video marketing, what equipment to buy - and yes I’ll help you with that too. But I help you FEEL great, look, sound and BE great in video, because that is when it becomes effective.

I have been in extremely high-pressure filming situations in audition rooms, in acting classes and on-set where the stakes are high and there are no do-overs. I know what it feels like to have your heart pounding out of your chest so loudly the lav mic can hear it, to have sweaty palms, dry mouth and a twitchy face while you worry about how you look, how you sound, is your voice going to say it the way it sounded in your head. 

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I used to be terrified to have a visible, public, promoted profile online where people could find me and judge me. What if something I said hurt someone I care about? What if the friends, family or even acquaintances in my life called me a fraud as I tried to show up as my real, true self in a bigger and visible way? What if my old clients from corrections found me online and trolled or came after me? What if complete strangers say mean things? What if I sound stupid or dumb or say something embarrassing or do it all wrong? 


I used to think...I don’t even really know what to say anyway, who am I to teach anything. No one will care what I have to say - why have the audacity to show my face and tell a story - who cares? 

I’ve felt all of that. I’ve heard the voice in the back of my head making fun of me.

So I chose a new way of thinking and have now experienced the transformation it's had on my own life and those that watch my videos who have messaged me about the profound impact it's made on them. 

I will walk with you as you build the fortitude to choose courage, to feel the fear move and through it anyway. It’s time to be brave, get seen and step into your greatness. 

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Hear From Kellsie's Clients

"Kellsie is so good about giving you the right prompts....."

Listen to Tori talk about how Kellsie helps eased her anxiety in front of a professional lens.


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