• 5'7" height
  • Athletic/Curved build
  • Currently trains for TV/Film 
  • Currently trains for commercial acting
  • On-set experienced
  • 15 years performing Theater 
  • Local hire Los Angeles, New Mexico, Colorado

Kellsie Moore

I have talent, but so do a lot of other people; it's my unique skills, background, dedication and enthusiasm that will take me to the next level.

I worked in the male prison system as a teacher and then a Case Manager for nearly four years. There weren't a lot of good or fun days there but one thing I always enjoyed and proved to be very effective was practicing role play scenarios with my clients. I would put us both is a real life situations and test their different reactions to varying conflicts, I got to play again! This helped re-spark my true love for acting and I realized that I would rather pursue my passion and work with fake criminals on TV and in Film than in real life.

I am also an Anthropologist by study and use my holistic paradigm shift and ethnographic study skills to immerse myself deep into my characters.

I help bring this passion of mine to life by travelling to 14 countries thus far, with many more to come! I speak beginner Spanish and French and love working on my varying accents.

Some of my other eclectic interests include teaching self-defense lessons, practicing KravMaga, Kickboxing, Yoga, painting, and trying every type of coffee and chocolate I get my hands on.

I plan to put my hard work to use and follow in the footsteps of Emilia Clarke, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Lawrence.
Likeness is often compared to Mariska Hargitay, Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Salma Heyak, Kate Winslet and Demi Moore.

I have a dream to play the daughter of Kate Winslet and Tom Hanks in a film some day! :)


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