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Learn How You Can Work With Me
Learn How You Can Work With Me

Let Me Introduce Myself!

My mission is to empower individuals by helping them build self-love, confidence, awareness and a mindset that is run by intentional actions and reflective thinking. Together, we build the future they want. 

I help them choose their life and stop “shoulding” all over themselves. 

What makes Be Marvelous You so unique and incredible, is that its purpose is to teach the mindset necessary to create the desired external reality. All of the goals that we strive for stem from our mindset, which we can choose through identifying the thoughts that drive our emotions. 

When we recognize and accept that power we possess, we are able to design our lives with intention. 

This is not something that happens naturally, it is something we have to be taught, and I am one of the voices on this earth that is proud to be teaching this.

We work together to empower your life and bring your magnetic, marvelous, authentic self to life through the lens. My goal is to help your life, social media and business soar through genuine connection through video. By mastering your on-camera presence so that you look, sound and FEEL amazing on-camera. 

"Explore the world­čîŹExpand your mind­čÖĆEmpower your life­čĺ¬" - Kellsie

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Imprisoned by Limitations to Empowered by Possibility  

Be Marvelous You embodies the story of mindset evolution - imprisonment to empowerment. It began as an idea that erupted during a tumultuous time in my life, when I was working as a teacher and then case manager in an adult male correctional facility. The facility was an old Tuberculosis hospital, that was dark, dingy, and full of mold. I had a client in my office, who had just come off his medication, and was furiously screaming at me. 

I was overtaken by the thought that I wasn’t in prison, yet I felt as though I was. I was in a box, confined, uncomfortable and consumed with negativity and unhappiness. 

It was this moment of intense clarity where I came to the realization that I could change my life. It was a profound power that said: it’s my life and I am in control of it. My biggest fear was the feeling of being trapped and that was essentially what I had been doing to myself by not consciously choosing what next steps to take in order to change my situation. I decided to take the reins and begin designing that life that I wanted for myself.

My mindset switched, and turned on the concept of Be Marvelous You.

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It's My Life & I'm in Control of It!

So, I enveloped myself in personal development, reading, teaching and training myself about that opportunity I had to create my future and design the reality I wanted to live out for myself. My passion for acting was at the forefront of my mind, and I boldly proposed it. 

Two weeks later, I booked the lead role in an independent film based off of a Stephen King novel. In a matter of 14 days I had gone from feeling depressed and hopeless, to carrying an entire film written by a world renowned author who would later watch and approve the final project. 

How did I get here you might wonder - I made a decision and I took action. I took a step towards my goal - I googled acting jobs in Denver. 

Then I took another step, I showed up for an audition, and so on and so forth. Newton’s first law of motion teaches us that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. I have seen this truth lived out in my own life, as I continued to take steps towards my goals and watched a google search snowball into my acting career is now highlighted by my roles in dozens of commercials, company industrials, independent films and frequent auditions for networks and Netflix.

"You are the hero of your own story and because of that, because of what you’ve gone through and experienced, you are now the guide to help others, so they too can be the hero of their own journey. So you have to show up and help light the way for them.”

-Kellsie Moore




I Am Here to Help You Be Your Best Self in Life and Online!

The Pursuit:

In the time that I pursued my acting career. I simultaneously worked at improving my life in all of the areas that had been suffering over the years - my  health, my marriage and my happiness. 

I lost forty pounds, my marriage improved and I started traveling again, something that had always brought my joy and excitement. All of these avenues of my life aligned and I found my actions of intent turned into new habits. I poured into researching and teaching myself business strategy and invested whatever course I could afford in order to educate myself enough to where I could build this business.

Mindset Mentoring:

Years after leaving my teaching positions in corrections, I find myself back in a teaching role; although, rather than teaching within a prison, I am now teaching others how to break free from their own mental imprisonment. 

I developed “The Empowerment Life Formula” course with the objective to educate people about the power we possess and the ability we have to design our own lives and live out the visions we have for our futures.

The Empowered Life Formula is a six week course, constructed to help those starting the journey of taking control over their lives to design the reality they envision. With this we begin to do amazing things!

The formula disproves the idea that our emotions are just there, out of our control, and confirms the fact that we in fact decide our feelings! Our emotions are what impact our actions and lead out actions to becoming our results. These results are what create our external reality - our happiness- in work, love and family life. Therefore, the key to getting out desired results and designing the lives we want is looking at what the thought is that is causing emotions and in turn creating undesired results. Because we are the thinkers, and not just the thought we have the ability to evaluate our thought and therefore reprogram the emotion that is interrupting our desired results. 

Over the past six years of doing this work, all the while learning digital marketing, online business, strategy, social media, online growth AND building my professional acting career - I am thrilled to finally blend these powerful aspects together for the ultimate entrepreneurs program - "Captivate On Camera."

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Ready to Go From Feeling Imprisoned by Limitations to Empowered by Possibility? 

Check out my services to see which program is best for you!

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