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Capture Your Brilliance - Discover how to Translate Your Genius to the Camera

Together WeĀ Translate Your Genius to the CameraĀ and Capture it On-Screen, So That You CanĀ Do What You're Called To, and Impact The World.
xo, Lady Kellsie Moore
FounderĀ of Be Marvelous You
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Emerge As The Leader You Are.

Video = Trust. Be The Authority in Your Niche through Authentic, Powerful, Compelling Video.

Together, We Make Your Message Eternal.

Video Presence is a Reflection of Who You Are.Ā 

It showcases your MAGIC, what makes you unique.

What makes you come alive.

Your power, your potency, your truth.

You demonstrate your legacy every time you are on camera, so you must be presented in an accurate way.

It's time to stop hiding, to stop living as the smaller, bland version of yourself, when you know you are SO. MUCH. MORE. And let the world see who you truly are.

It's not a natural feeling to share our most charismatic selves to a pinhole in a glass and metal box

But I PROMISE you, it's a skill you can develop and the lens will transform into the incredible portal of energetic connection to your audience that it really is

I am determined to stop the terrible advice of:

“Just dive in and practice”

[Practice what exactly? Reinforcing untrained habits that aren't serving you or your audience works against you.]

“Follow the popular trends and do what other people are doing”

“Be a Spokesperson/Host of your business”

“Show up like them, be like that”

Ideas like this dilute your personality, energy, and ability to convert. 

If you’re trying to do what everyone else is doing, you become a watered-down version of yourself when you show on-screen and you become forgettable.

I see this manifest as extreme nerves, stiff, robotic, debilitatingly shy, stumbling, or see people transform into a cartoon style of themself; a disconnected, fake or phony version, and they become lost in a sea of distractions.

It is your responsibility as a remarkable business leader

to show up with exceptional presence to impact the world with your work, and I help you do that in the most potent way possible.

That’s why I deliver a tailored experience at the premium level.

The connection our co-created video cultivates gives you more authority and credibility faster than any other method, any other video or company alone. 

Genuine, compelling video is the now and the future.

It doesn’t take away from our experiences, it’s adding to them. At Be Marvelous You, the way we do video adds value, to your written content like blogs, it adds value to SEO, it adds experience to the customer journey. We elevate the quality of your brand photoshoots and add LIFE to your social media.

Because video is so influential and so prevalent, you have a responsibility to be exceptional.

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Ever feel like...

  • You cringe when you have to make a video and procrastinate as long as possible

  • You finally film it but you do 12 takes and then never *actually* post it

  • Your delivery comes out sounding way different than it did in your head, maybe awkward, robotic or phony?

  • You're a perfectionist and it never turns out "good enough"

  • You freeze up when on camera, forget what to say or don't know what to say

  • You dread Video Interviews even though you're excited for the opportunity

It's Time To Feel






Natural on Video.

To Reveal Your Genius On-Camera!

Your magic, SPARK, passion and presence on-camera is what will transform people with your mission and create a movement around your message. 

I used to be terrified of being visible online.  Thoughts constantly raced . . .

  • What if the friends, family, or even acquaintances in my life called me a fraud as I tried to show up as my real, true self in a bigger and visible way?
  • What if my clients from my job in corrections found me online and trolled or came after me?
  • What if complete strangers say mean things?
  • What if something I said hurt someone I care about?
  • What if I sound stupid or dumb or say something embarrassing or do it all wrong? 
  • Don't I need to lose 10 lbs and look perfect all the time to be on video?

How you FEEL when you're on-camera, matters.

It impacts how you come across in video and the results your video marketing will bring you.

The impact my students are making when sharing their message and the immense growth that results from effective video marketing is the recipe for freedom from the fears that hold us back.


Kellsie, Hubs (David) and Pup (Leo) 

Ready to Gain Freedom From Fear of the Camera?

We go deep. I will put the camera right on your heart.

- Build Authority and Connection with Your Ideal Audience -

- Present with Confidence, Conviction, Certainty, and Charm -

- Perform as your Best Self in Your Own Content and Captivate in Interviews -

- Have a Strategic Action Content Plan -

- Gain Recognizeability, Celebrity, and Become Famous in Your Industry -

Discover How We Can Work Together


Lady Kellsie Moore is the authority on unearthing a personal brand's hidden genius and superpowers and bringing them to life on camera.

She weaves her unique, insightful expertise from her work as a professional actress, personal development background, career in corrections, and claircognizant gifts to make you shine as your most potent, powerful self and become captivating on-screen.

  • Recognized as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of 2021
  • Creator of the Best Video-For-Business Program "Captivate On-Camera" 
  • Host of the Luxury "CAPTIVATE. Camera Ready Retreat"
  • Highly sought-after Speaker at dozens of Events, Podcasts, and Media Interviews


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Kellsie Moore

CEO, Founder of Be Marvelous You
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