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(Which, by the way, equals BIGGER Profits too!)

With the right guidance, you can go from forgettable in a sea of leaders . . . to the largest ICON in your INDUSTRY!  

shy on camera

. . . BUT, here are the #1 Questions you should be Asking Yourself!

1️⃣ - How engaging and persuasive do you want to become in front of a camera?

2️⃣ - How catchy and high converting do you want your body language and look to speak FOR YOU?

3️⃣ - What do you want your pitch to sound like? 


Seems like simple questions, right? 

Obviously, you want to:

👉🏼 Have a natural way to engage with your audience.

👉🏼 You want your presence on camera alone to do the talking for you. 

- AND -

👉🏼 You don’t want to sound pushy or feel awkward when pitching on video.


The thing is, you’ve already found your BIG idea, you deserve to catch a break and start seeing results!

Video Marketing is merely an engaging chat over a sweet cup of coffee between you and your dream client! 

AND Guess What!?

You 🚫 DON'T 🚫  need to be an extrovert to CAPTIVATE your Dream Clients on Camera! 

 I’m here to show you how you can deliver your message in mint condition, without feeling like you sound like a robot OR the need for high tech equipment!


 Now, what I’m about to let you in on will shock you!    

 What I’m about to tell you will also greatly impact the future of your business, growth, and conversion rates!

There are 3 Types of Entrepreneurs

But since you're here right now, no matter which of these three you fall into, now or in the past, one thing is certain . . . YOU WANT your brand to grow and to create magnetizing video content for your business!  

YOU are the creator of your life, BE the woman who makes her GOALS her REALITY.

Here's the problem . . .  

Most of them don’t know how to take their business to next level status!


→ Lack of confidence

→ Lack of proper training 

→ Lack of engaging content



This is for the Mover, Shaker and Doer.

Captivate on Camera holds the secret sauce to your no-fail marketing plan!   


You will rank better in searches!


You will target the right people for your brand!


And generate leads and sales effortlessly!

How dreamy would it be to wake up each morning with SALES and new potential clients pumped and READY to take the plunge to work with you?!

When you show up with an authentic, powerful presence in compelling videos, your message has a FAR BETTER reach than static posts and attracts *actual* clients. 

Now imagine that same thing happening on auto-pilot! It’s simple math! 


The best thing about effective, genuine video (I teach you how to do that), is that it keeps working long after you do. You make it once, post it a few times (I teach you how and where) and it keeps bringing in leads so you can spend more time serving your clients. 


WHOA!! Look at what you are going to have!

Top Secret Strategies

This Next Level training will give away top secret strategies to convert viewers into buyers.

Eyes Glued

My Step-by-step Method For How To get eyes glued to your videos/offer, by sharing captivating stories the right way.

Super Smart Systems

Have Super smart systems in place to help you stay consistent!

Power Up

Witness the power of stories through video in action and model them for your own sales!

Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan that saves you time, so you can spend more time making money.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with Captivate on Camera!

Can you imagine what your life and business will be like when  ... 


You have the ability to create the perfect marketing plan using simple video to motivate people to take action, opt-in to your offer, book a call with you, or be ready to hire you right away! ... any time you want (or need to) - instantly?


guarantee it will help you to create amazing sales and story videos in just a few takes or I'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.  I know you can do this! 


You could take the sloooowwww route to video marketing superstar status

OR get access to all of this instantly!!

5 Marvelous Modules, a $2,497 Value

YOU ARE THE FACE OF YOUR BRAND. Video content is the one piece of marketing that you truly can't outsource or delegate.

Get Access to ALL These Bonuses...


Video Edit - 3 Minute Magic

Want to see how easy and fast it is to edit your social media videos without fancy software or hiring an editing guru!? 

In this bonus, valued at $57, I share all of my top secret tricks, tips, and go-to's for editing binge-worthy content that is recorded directly from nothing more than your phone!


Behind the Scenes Blueprint: Making of a Video Series

Master my exact method for creating a video series in the most streamlined way possible.  Nail down this easy to follow step by step process and you will never have to question or doubt your plan for a video series ever again!  (Value of $297)


Positioned for Press

This is GREAT social media content done-for-you!  In this bonus, you will know how to plan your venture so that you can attract and be seen by others in your industry and trusted by your network even before you have a long list of original content!

(Value of $197)


✔︎ How to make IG Stories

✔︎ How to make IG Reels

✔︎ Advanced Camera Confidence - Life Design Visualization!



✔︎ Self-Guided, go at your own pace! 

✔︎ Digital Workbook ($125)

✔︎ Private Community ($397)

✔︎ Private Portal App, Monthly Live Coaching Calls ($1,997)

✔︎ Exclusive Access to In-Person Retreats



  1. You can try it on your own and create hundreds of practice videos, trying to get better, feel good about it, and eventually post them, not knowing if they're effective or not...
  2. You can learn from video editor guys and go down the production route and focus on tech..
  3. You could earn from a Youtuber to see how to make a channel..


Or you can truly MASTER YOUR VIDEO PRESENCE and discover how to turn it into successful marketing in any and all spaces online. AND learn the technical nitty-gritty aspects too, using a super simple approach. 

Captivate on Camera is available today for $6047 $1597

👉 Get instant access for only $1597 or enroll with a budget-friendly payment plan!


Captivate on Camera Accelerator is available on my website for $1297 $997

👉You have this ONE CHANCE to get it for only $997 or enroll with a budget-friendly payment plan!

Let's Do This!

We are Confident about our Guarantee

Your investment is protected by our no questions asked guarantee!  If you don't find value in this course after completing the lessons, we'd be surprised! But simply ask for your money back within 30 days of purchasing.

Your success on camera is our #1 mission.  We believe in you and the impact that you can make with your audience.  You haven't come this far, JUST to come this far, your story and service are meant to be KNOWN. By choosing to take action in this course, it shows your dedication and drive, and we want you to succeed! 

We're here to help! [email protected] 

Meet your Video Coach

I'm Kellsie Moore 

I was terrified of being seen. I didn't understand how to use social media, and my fears about the unknown kept me from becoming who I know myself to truly be. And I absolutely hated how I looked and sounded on-camera. I felt broken, depressed, and trapped by my own self-imposed limitations. 

It wasn't until one truly confronting night at my job as a Case Manager in the adult, male Correctional Facility I worked at years ago, that I jolted myself awake enough to change. 

I was holding myself captive of my own true potential. 

I came to the realization that I was in control of my own life. I could change my own pathI could create my personal successes, I could, and nobody else was going to do that for me. 

But as much as we are the only person that can take the ACTION in our own lives, we need guides to light the way and support us. 

It's a hell of a lot less painful to get to point B if you have a GPS helping you out. But you're still the one that has to move.

Video helped bring me back to life. It's what has given my soul purpose to show up and help others and serve my truth.

I am now a professional actress in multiple regions, a social media influencer, Founder of Be Marvelous You, and the On-Camera Expert for Entrepreneurs. 

Over the past several years, I have become a successful digital marketer, business strategist, mindset coach, actor, and acting coach to now help you bring effective video marketing into your business and build up that Digital limb of your biz that you need to thrive in ANY climate. 

Effective video is what exploded my Instagram, let me work for myself full-time, helped me book over 30 podcast guest interviews, be featured in the press, fill my first ever in-person retreat and so much more, and I know it can do the same for you too!


A Video is Worth a 1,000 Words...



You may be asking yourself...

Are you Ready to Captivate on Camera and have a proven marketing plan that generates leads and sales for you!? 

Are you Ready to Captivate on Camera and have a proven marketing plan that generates leads and sales for you!? 

Or would you rather wait it out on the sideline's hoping for a marketing miracle? 

Or would you rather wait it out on the sideline's hoping for a marketing miracle? 

  • 5 Marvelous Modules ($2497)
  • Video Edit - 3 Minute Magic - Bonus ($57)
  • Behind the Scenes Blueprint - Making a Video Series ($297)
  • Positioned for Press - Bonus ($197)
  • Self-Guided, go at your own pace!
  • Digital Workbook ($125)
  • Private Community ($397)
  • Private Portal, app, and Monthly LIVE coaching calls ($1997)
  • Extra VIP Bonuses: IG Reels, IG Stories, and Advanced Camera Confidence - Life Design Visualization! ($480)
  • Your Success On Camera (Priceless)

Payment Plan


Just $297 today + 5 Budget-Friendly Monthly Payments! Instant access!



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Save $4450 off the value of $6047 when you pay in full! 



YES I'm Ready to Captivate!